Class Assignment: Reflection paper on “To Live”

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

This post is for the Class Assignment for all my Chinese Classes who are currently taking my class (Spring, 2015), March 15, 2016: A Reaction paper on the movie we watched  in class.

1. Please google and learn about “Chinese Cultural Revolution” ; 2. please reflect how this movie sheds light on the impact of Chinese Cultural Revolution on People’s lives. (at least a half page long).

We have watched this film “To live” in our class. I would like all my students at BHSEC, Cleveland, who are currently taking my class (Spring 2016) to post and share  their reflection on the movie.

By clicking on the COMMENT, you can type  your reflection directly in the comment area. Please identify your name and Chinese class at the beginning.

Thank you!

Please post your reflection by 19, March, 2016

26 thoughts on “Class Assignment: Reflection paper on “To Live”

  1. Jayda Caraballo May 7, 2016 — 8:02 pm

    The movie, “To Live” is an emotional, heartfelt film which almost brought tears to my eyes. The movie was set from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, clearly depicting the Chinese Civil War and cultural revolution. The movie tells the life of a man who is trying to get his life together, but tragedy continues to strike him time after time. This includes him getting involved in gambling and failing economically. Following a family the majority of the film, “To Live” gives their audience insight to what it’s like to live during war time. One of the saddest parts was when the man’s son died, & that was just ONE of the many emotional scenes included. Overall, I enjoyed watching “To Live”, & I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in Chinese history.


  2. To Live is a simple name, but it holds great meaning. The story has many tragic setbacks and throughout the movie I has many mixed emotions. I like how it follows an ordinary family has problems, and that just try to live their life. I found myself rooting for this family because I think they just wanted something simple; to live a quiet and happy life together. I think that’s what makes it even sadder, that ordinary people are affected by war (or things of this nature). I understand where this movie is coming from and I like how they kept on fighting. A movie which may be overlooked by many because it is a foreign or older movie are missing out. Not being some popular action film or Hollywood blockbuster, this movie gets you right in the feels. It shows how ordinary people want to simply live happy lives together. We can get through it by loving the people around us. We just want To Live 🙂


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