Learn Chinese through A Snow White Play in Chinese

My students are going to perform the play for this Chinese New Year. In this post you will find relevant videos, the bilingual script (without pinyin and with pinyin), vocabulary list they use to prepare for this play.  I have two classes. One is going to perform it as a regular play and the other class is going to adapt it and make it more comical. It will be a great learning experience for them.

You will find that Disney animated movies are great  resources for learning Chinese. You can usually find them in both English and Chinese versions. Since you are already familiar with the stories of Disney movies, you can pick up Chinese vocabulary, phrases, and sentences very easily from the contexts by watching the animated videos in Chinese language, with either English or Chinese subtitles.

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Relate Post on Snow White (including videos for Chinese and English versions)

Vocabulary for Snow White (Scene 1 to Scene 4)

ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 (prefix indicating ordinal number, e.g. first, number two etc)
2 一幕 一幕   第一幕:The First Scene; Scene 1
3 páng Beside (For the narration part)
4 王后 王后 wánghòu queen; Classifiers: 
5 魔镜 魔鏡  jìng Magical Mirror
6 ā interjection of surprise; Ah!; Oh!
7 you (informal, as opposed to courteous  )
8 shuō to speak; to say
9 shéi who; also pr. [shui2]
10 shì is; are; am; yes; to be
11 世界上 世界上 shì jièshàng (of the) world; in this world
12 zuì most; the most; -est (superlative suffix)
13 美丽 美麗 měi  beautiful
14 de of; ~’s (possessive particle); (used after an attribute);
15 女人 女人  rén woman
16 当然 當然 Certainly
17 nín you (courteous, as opposed to informal  )
19 rén man; person; people; Classifiers: 
20 可是 可是  shì but
21 白雪公主 白雪公主 bái xuěgōngzhǔ Snow White白:white; 雪:snow; 公主: princess
22 gèng more; even more; still more
23 ne How about….(你呢 how about you);particle indicating strong affirmation
24 什么 什麼 shén me what
25 不可能 不可能  néng impossible; cannot; not able
26 I; me; my
27 决不 決不 jué  not at all; simply (can) not
28 允许 允許 yǔn  to permit; to allow
29 别人 別人 bié ren other people; others; other person
30  (particle used for comparison and “-er than”);to compare; to contrast; to gesture (with hands); ratio
31 漂亮 漂亮 piàoliang pretty; beautiful
32 猎人 獵人 liè rén hunter
33 尊敬 尊敬 zūn jìng to respect; to revere
34 请问 請問 qǐngwèn Excuse me, may I ask…?
35 yǒu to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be
36 吩咐 吩咐 fēn  to tell; to instruct; to command; instruction
37 现在 現在 xiàn zài now
38 jiù at once; right away; only; just (emphasis
39 to hold; to contain; to grasp; to take hold of
40 带到 帶到 dài dào to bring to
41 森林 森林 sēn lín forest; Classifiers: 
42 inside
43 he or him
44 杀掉 殺掉 shā diào to kill
45 然后 然後 rán hòu after; then (afterwards); after that; afterwards
46 she
47 xīn heart; mind; intention; center; core; Classifiers: 
48 挖出 挖出  chū Dig out; scoop out
49 lái to come
50 zài again; then (after sth, and not until then)
51 dài to bring; to look after; to raise
52 回来 回來 huí lai to return; to come back
53 gěi give
54 è (exclamation); to hiccup
55 白雪 白雪 bái xuě White snow
56 (negative prefix); not; no
57 qǐng to ask; to invite; please (do sth); to treat (to a meal etc); to request
58 放过 放過 fàng guò to let off; to let slip by; to let sb get away with sth
59 保证 保證 bǎozhèng guarantee; to guarantee; to ensure
60 远离 遠離 yuǎn  to be far from; to keep away from
61 王宫 王宮 wánggōng imperial palace
62 绝不 絕不 jué  in no way; not in the least; absolutely not
63 zhè this
64 就是 就是 jiù shì (emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated); precisely;exactly; even; if; just like; in the same way as
65 看看 看看 kàn kan to take a look at; to examine
66 zuò to do; to make
67 得(de): structural particle: used after a verb(or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phraseindicating effect, degree, possibility etc.
68 hǎo good; well
69 退下 退下 tuì xià to retire; to withdraw; to retreat; to step down
70 ba (modal particle indicating suggestion or surmise);
71 哈哈哈 哈哈哈    The sound of laughter
72 终于 終於 zhōng at last; in the end; finally; eventually
73 成为 成爲 chéngwéi to become; to turn into
74 le (modal particle intensifying preceding clause);(completed action marker)
75 (onom.) sound of singing, cheering etc; (phonetic); (dialect) to chat
76 第二 第二  èr second; number two; next; secondary
77 curtain or screen; canopy or tent; headquarters of a general; act (of a play); old variant of  ; curtain; screen
78 第三 第三  sān third; number three
79 四幕 四幕   第四幕: Scene 4

Use these for performing:


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