Create a narrative in Chinese for Visiting a Friend

Rewrite Integrated Chinese L5.2 narrative (See the following text) and modify the narrative by replacing the nouns, personal names, time expressions, and put a new spin on the narrative.


Students’ Work:

By Michelle
Correction: 喝
By Chaze
Correction: 除了陈花,他们都喝了啤酒。陈花喝了一杯茶。九点陈花就去睡觉了,。。。我们十二点才去睡觉。
Correction: …来我家和我家人在一起。她是一个护士在一家医院工作。
by Natasha
Revision: 昨晚我和我的猫倪爱美去公园玩儿。我们玩得很开心。我们认识了何凯玲。凯玲给我的猫喝牛奶。它喝得很高兴。我的猫很爱喝牛奶,她喝了很多牛奶。倪爱美,凯玲和我下午五点才回家。
By Ismarika
By Joshua

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