L10D2 Grammar 要…了/快…了 is about to…

“要。。。了” or “快。。。了” both mean something “is about to…”

  • 中国新年就要到了。Chinese New Year is about to come.
  • 他就要来了。He will soon arrive.
  • 她的生日快到了。Her birthday is coming.
  • 我的狗生病了,他要死了!My dog is sick; he is about  to die.
  • 快点儿,电影要开始了。Hurry up, the movie is about to start.
  • 快点儿,公共汽车(or 公车)要来了/快来了! Hurry up, the bus is coming!


”要。。。了。。。”, remember, it also means “going to…”

  • 我要吃饭了。 I am going to eat now.
  • 要下雨了! It is going to rain.
  • 他要走了。He’s going to leave now.
  • 妈妈,我要去上课了。Mom, I am going to attend a class now.

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