Ask about hobbies 爱好

  1. Written Part of this Assignment:

Write down these three questions on your notebook on a new page, and leave some space for answer for each question. These three questions are basically three different ways to ask people about their hobbies.

Go around interview three students about their hobbies, and write down their answers.  

Writing portion: Take a photo of your work and take a photo and submit your work on line to your instructor and also give the hard copy to the teacher by the end of class (10 points)

Write both questions and answers in Chinese characters. (Must be written in Chinese characters, but you can add Pinyin on top of each character if you find it helpful for your learning).

Each classmate you interview should tell you at least two hobbies. (For instance, 我的爱好是看书和看电影。 or 我喜欢打球,看书)

2. Oral part of this Assignment (10 points)

(this is for the next assignment): You will be expected to report your findings on Thursday. (10 points)

There are three different ways to ask about someone’s hobby.  We will vary these questions to ask three classmates.

  1. Ask the first classmate:

What are your hobbies?

你 的  爱好  是  什么?

nǐ de ài hào shì shén me?

Ans: 我的爱好是。。。(my hobbies are…)

2. Ask 2nd classmate:

What hobby do you have?

你 有    什 么     爱好?

nǐ yǒu shén me ài hào?

Answer: 我喜欢。。。。

                   wǒ xǐ huān 。。。。(I like….)

3. Ask 3rd classmate:

What do you like to do?


nǐ   xǐ huan  zuò  shén me?

Answer: 我喜欢。。。

Tell the whole class what you have found to the whole class. 

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