Poster Project: 我的一天 My day

Create a a big poster describing your typical school day using as many words as you can from the hygiene stories. Your oral presentation should:

–Include mages that illustrate the activities.

–Include vocabularies such as:

每天早上/太阳/出来/以前 /以后/起床/刷牙/洗脸/洗澡/换衣服/吃早饭/上学去/吃午饭/放学//吃晚饭/睡觉

Possible activities you can do after school

(Indicate the time frame, you do what activities, for instance:

After school, I ….

At 7:30, I ate dinner.

After dinner, I….


Here are additional words/phrases and sentences you can add to your script to describe the time you are in the school:

For example,

中文 (subject) +课 = 中文课 (Chinese class)

我每天有六节课 (The number is subject to change).

I attended XX class in the first period.






Here are the vocabulary list on the subject you can use to describe what class you have.

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