By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih
From Ling-LingChinese.com

Welcome to Ling-Ling Chinese! 

This website was developed by an experienced Chinese teacher, Dr. Ling-Ling Shih, who has taught Chinese language as a foreign language in various colleges and a precollege more than two decades.  This website is an accumulation and a by-product of her on-going professional development and teaching experiences.  She has made the teaching/learning materials and resources she has collected and developed over the years available here free of charge. You are welcome to use these resources for your own personal use.

I would like to promote learning Chinese as a second or foreign language and prepare you for global competitiveness in the 21st century. I would also like you to have fun learning while getting ready for it.

–Ling-Ling Shih

There are a lot of resources for teaching and learning Chinese on this site. Since I use Integrated Chinese series as primary textbooks for my Chinese language classes in my school, you will find tons of multimedia resources, worksheets, powerpoint presentations, oral assignments to help students learn the lessons in integrated Chinese. Texbooks play an important role in foreign language learning, but they have their limitations. Therefore, I also include tons of other interesting resources not related to the textbooks I am using to enhance Chinese learning and teaching.

Instructional Practices involving the use of a wide variety of texts and multimedia resources in foreign language teaching help to extend and enrich the curriculum.

I believe that language learners need to have access to a variety of texts and multimedia resources. I am fully convinced that content-based instruction is a significant approach in language education and a powerful innovation in acquiring & enhancing a foreign or second language. Language lessons should be blended with stimulating content. Learning how to communicate is simply not enough to sustain long-term interest in learning a foreign language. We all have yearnings for knowledge and draw pleasure and satisfaction from the arts, music, and literature.

I remember vividly what got me interested in learning English as a foreign language. It was certainly not from the textbook alone, but the foreign movies I watched, songs I tried to learn and sing, and interesting material I read outside school. I hope to be that teacher who will incorporate more interesting content into my teaching and students’ learning.

As long as I keep this personal learning experience fresh in mind, I would know exactly what to include on my website and Chinese lessons.

Hope you all have fun learning and become really good at Chinese!


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“Expertise” is defined as “expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.” Obtaining an expertise is an empowering, confidence-building experience.  I would say that mastering a foreign language is more than gaining expertise. I could only imagine how much more culturally impoverished I would have been if I were a monolingual!

–Ling-Ling Shih



This website does not host any of the videos/movies but only provide access and links to videos or educational information made available on the popular video hosting sites and other sites. If you would like your materials/videos to be removed from this website, please contact Ling-Ling Shih.



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  1. Hello Shih laoshi,

    Your website is excellent! It is so helpful to all Chinese educators! I am so happy that I found this site. Thank you so so much!
    I am teaching Huanying Textbook for all four levels in high school. I wonder if you have any good project ideas that can be shared online as well.

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    1. try copy and pasting this file:///C:/Users/SH2468/Pictures/Camera%20Roll/WIN_20160525_211103.MP4
      into the url bar please


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