CHI 101 Announcement (to College Course)

These announcements are relevant only to my college Chinese course at Bard High School Early College.

1. Final Exam: Wednesday, May 20th (1st-3rd period)

The written final exam will begin at 9:00, and oral exam will be conducted one-on-one during the written test.

2. Retun your textbook and workbooks in the beginning of the final exam.

Please make sure to return all three books (one textbook and two workbooks) to the instructor in the beginning of the final exam.

3. Please remember to bring your notebook for your participation grade.

4. Please bring some snacks to share with your classmates

I will bring some drinks.

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We took the quizzes on L6D1 characters and vocabularies.

HW due on Thursday: Tomorrow the workbook L6D1 is due.

Posted on Monday, May 11, 2015


The following are due next Tuesday:

Next Tuesday (5/12) We will have the following quizzes on L6D1 Characters and Vocabularies:

Posted on Wednesday May 6, 2015


The following are due next Tuesday:

Next Tuesday (5/12) We will have a quiz on L6D1 Characters and Vocabularies.

Posted on April 30, 2015, Thursday


We have covered most of the vocabulary and part of the dialogue on Lesson 6 dialogue 1.

Please be ready to take the character and vocabulary quizzes on Monday. You also need to get the workbook on L6D1 from me. Please work on it during your trip (college campuses’ visiting trip). 

Posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We went over the following slides and practice how to use the new vocabulary in sentences and learned half of the dialogue

IC1 L6D1 Calling Ones Teacher_Part A

Tomorrow (Thursday), we will work on the other half of the vocabulary list and the second half of Dailogue 1 in Lesson6. We will go over the following slides:

IC1 L6D1 Calling Ones Teacher_Part B

Quiz next Tuesday (May 5): Our character and vocabulary quizzes will be given next Tuesday.  Please study everyday to make sure you will be ready for the quizzes next Tuesday. You should also start to review. The final is coming up. The final exam will be comprehensive exam. Review everything you have learned from Lesson 1 to Lesson 6 Dialogue 1.

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Today students used one class time to help one another master characters and vocabularies from L6D1.

Please study the vocabulary on L6D1. Go over the following Power Point slides for L6D1:

IC1 L6D1 Calling Ones Teacher_Part A

IC1 L6D1 Calling Ones Teacher_Part B

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2015


We went over some vocabulary on L6D1.

Please study the vocabulary on L6D1. Go over the following Power Point slides for L6D1:

IC1 L6D1 Calling Ones Teacher_Part A

IC1 L6D1 Calling Ones Teacher_Part B

After I teach the vocabulary, we will have a character & vocabulary quizzes on L6D1. There are many vocabularies in this dialogue, make sure to study the vocabularies.

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Please use the following post to help you learn the new vocabulary in Lesson 6 Dialogue 1: 

Monday HW due: Lesson 6 Dialogue 1 Character and Vocabulary Worksheets Due

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015


On Tuesday, we took a test on L5D2. Today we went to the Chinese restaurant to celebrate Nashell’s belated birthday and learned to order food and drink in the restaurant.

Next session, we will begin our new lesson on Lesson 6 Dialogue1. We will learn new vocabulary from L6D1. Please study the new vocabulary on L6D1.

Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Today we reviewed one more time the key grammar points on Lesson 5 Dialogue 2 by going over some portions of the workbook on L5D2.

Tomorrow: To Feng Kai–please turn in the HW on L5D2 workbook Homework. To Kailing: Turn in the Test.

Tomorrow: I will give the listening comprehension of Lesson 4.

We will begin our new lesson on L6.

Test on L5 will be given next Tuesday.

Posted on Friday, March 27, 2015

On Wednesday and Thursday we studied Lesson 5 D2 and completed our lesson on this Lesson 5.

Please review all the lesson 5 and we will have the test on this entire lesson when you return from the Spring Break.

This spring break, I do not give you additional Homework. I just ask you to check on my websites every day, and watch some videos and go over the posts on “vocabulary and dialogue” for each lesson. Please keep engaged in Chinese daily for at least 15 minutes per day, so you won’t forget about what you have learned.

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015

The Following HW is due on Tuesday: (You don’t need to do it again, If you have already turned them in).

Students who have not turned in the folowing HW should turn them in as soon as possible:

Quiz on Tuesday: There will be a quiz on the vocabulary of L5D2 (p. 136)

We will practice more on L5D2 and review the entire lesson.

Test on Wednesday: L5 (including L5D1 and L5D2).

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We went over the vocabulary on L5D2 and listened to the narrative on L5 D2.

The following L5D2 Character and Vocabulary worksheets due tomorrow:

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pleased complete your Workbook on L5D1. Each day you are late for the HW will be reduced by 10%.

We will begin a new dialogue tomorrow. Please review L5D1 and study the new vocabulary of L5D2.

Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2015

We have almost completed the lesson on L5 D1.

HW on Workbook L5D1 (p.75-81) due on Tuesday (3/17).  Please do good work on the workbook. You will receive a letter grade based on how well they are completed.

Please study this vocabulary and dialogue really well. You may retake the quiz on Voc and Character of L5D1 one more time. Your grade for the quiz then will be an average of the combined grades.

We will begin our new lesson on L5D2 next week.


Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Please view the following video:

We will Quizzes on Wednesday: Please be prepared to take the following quizzes on the characters and Vocabulary of L5D1:

To Frankie, Michela, and Nashelle:

Please study L5 Dialogue 1 very well before Tuesday class, so we can make good progress with the Integrated Chinese.

HW due on Wednesday:

Please work on the workbook on L5D1 (p.75-79)  this weekend, and show your work on Wednesday.


Posted on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Check to see if your previous HW and test have been turned in. March 4 (tomorrow) is the last day you can turn in all the HW and test.

New Homework:

Here are the new HW I gave out today:

IC1 L5D1 Character Worksheets

IC1 L5D1 Vocabulary Worksheets (These two are due on Thursday).

We will have quizzes on L5D1’s characters and vocabulary. Please make sure you study for these quizzes and be ready to take them  on Thursday.


Posted on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thank you, Kailing, Feng Kai, and Xu’er. You did such a marvelous job hosting the event and performing in the Chinese New Year Celebration. Thank you so much for participating and being so responsible in preparing for the performances! I hope you have all enjoyed the process of learning new songs, tongue twisters, poems, and riddles.

On Tuesday, please make sure you have completed all the following and have turned in all the following:

1. Make sure you have all turned in the HW L4 D2. And finish the translation on L4 D1 (I think we still have not gotten the chance to go over it).

2. Finish the vocabulary on the song you were learning.

  • You Exist in My Song你在我的歌声里
    • Voabulary Sheets for You Exist in My Song
    • I will create a take-home quiz on the vocabulary of the song. I think it is better we do that, so we can make sure you have learned the vocabulary. I will post it here soon. So you can turn it in on Tuesday.
  • Turn in your take-home Test on L4 (The copy here if you can’t find it: test on Lesson 4 小考4第四课. Please correct yourself with a different color pen. I will give you some credit back if you have corrected your own mistakes. (It is a close-book test. I trust all of you will be honest.) You can take as long as you need to complete the test. Due on Tuesday too.

Make sure you bring all your books to our next class. We will begin a new lesson.


Posted on Tuesday, Feb. 24

Hopefully you all have gotten a nice break from the rigor of academic life and gotten the chance to relax a little bit.

You can access your grades in Jupiter now.


  • Take-home Test: on Lesson 4: study both L4D1 & L4 D2. I will give you next time we meet.
  • HW: Finish Workbook L4D2. Due next time we meet.
  • Learn the song “You exist in my song.” write Character/Vocabulary one line each (due next time we meet).
  • We will quiz on the song next Tuesday. You should recognize each vocabulary, know their English meaning and the meaning of the entire song.

**Here are the readings for learning about Chinese New Year Festivals; I encourage you to go in to get some ideas about the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year

Chinese people celebrate Chinese new year for the first 15 days of the new year. So hopefully we will still get our chance to celebrate the event.

Stay warm and hopefully I will see you soon.


Posted on Feb 12, Thurs, 2015


Test: on Lesson 4 on Tuesday (2/17): study both L4D1 & L4 D2.

HW: Finish Workbook L4D2. Due on Tuesday (2/17).

Make sure to go on line and listen the audio to finish the listening section of the Workbook assignment on L4D2.

Please figure out all the meanings of the song “You exist in my song.” There is a vocabulary list  in the Post on “You Exist in My Song.” Please learn how to sing this song at your spare time.


We went over the Textbook dialogue and grammar and  language practice on L4D2. We did the workbook on L4D2 the speaking section.

Posted on Feb 11, Weds, 2015


HW:  Finish the translation from L4D1  workbook. (No later than tomorrow). Make sure you finish it before attending the class.

1. We had a quiz today on L4D1 characters and vocabulary (50% each)

2. Drill more the vocabulary from L4D2

3. We did the Workbook together on L4D1 (P?)

4. We learned part of the song: “You exist in my song”


Posted on Feb 10, Tuesday., 2015


HW due tomorrow  (Wed):  Workbook (NOT character workbook) –We have not done the translation part on L4D1 on the Workbook (p. 64 tp 45) (Part IV. C). Please finish that part before class.

We will have a quiz on the individual characters and a quiz on two-word vocabulary on L4D2. Know the following (Both grades are combined into one grade).

1) Recognize each individual character and all the vocabularies and their English meaning and Pinyin.


1. We went over the quiz sheet on individual character and learn how each character is used in vocabularies.

2. We went over the dialogue  text on L4D2 and listened to the audio.


Posted on Wed Feb 4, 2015


1. Today’s class:

  • We went over the sheet “unscramble the sentences on L4 D1.
  • learned three tongue twisters:
    • 十尊石狮子
    • 四是四
    • 青 青 山 上 一 根 藤
  • We covered the entire vocabulary list of L4D2.
  • I gave out L4D1_Word Worksheets (This will be due on Tuesday).
  • We did not get the chance to sing the song; we will do it tomorrow.

2. tomorrow (2/5 Thursday): Nothing is due.

Please keep up with the work, and spend at least 30 minutes working on your Chinese. Do contientious work on your HW. If you have too many mistakes in the HW, that means you have not tried hard enough.

Strive for the best you can! 🙂


1. We will review the characters, and drill really hard on recognizing and writing them. Learn how to use them in sentences.

2. Then we will learn the dialogue of L4D1. Do workbook speaking exercises.

3. Finish learning how to sing the song: 我的歌声里

Have fun saying these tongue twisters we have learned in class. Also use the opportunity to learn the vocabulary in the tongue twisters and practice Pinyin.

十 尊 石 狮 子

shi2 zun1 shi2 shi1zi

Feng Xie WT Zheng Lin Lin Cao Hui Chu Lin Luo Wenjin
Lynn Mike Karen Lee Lynn Jeremy

4 is 4, 10 is 10, 14 is 14, 40 is 40, 44 stone lions are dead.

四 是 四 , 十 是 十 , 十 四 是 十 四 , 四 十 是 四 十 , 四 十 四 只 石 狮 子 是 死 的 。

Si4 shi4 si4, shi2 shi4 shi2, shi2si4 shi4 shi2si4, si4shi2 shi4 si4shi2, si4shi2si4 zhi1 shi2 shi1zi shi4 si3 de.

Shao Danni Lin Lin Luo Wenjin Shao Danni Lin Lin Luo Wenjin
Lynn Austin Lynn

4 is 4, 10 is 10, 14 is 14, 40 is 40, 44 small stones are dead.

四 是 四 , 十 是 十 , 十 四 是 十 四 , 四 十 是 四 十 , 四 十 四 只 石 子 是 死 的 。

Si4 shi4 si4, shi2 shi4 shi2, shi2si4 shi4 shi2si4, si4shi2 shi4 si4shi2, si4shi2si4 zhi1 shi2zi3 shi4 si3 de.

Da Di Lin Lin Luo Wenjin Da Di Lin Lin Luo Wenjin Shao Danni Shao Danni
Lynn Austin Lynn

2.  On a green mountain grows a vine. Under the vine there hangs a copper bell. When the wind blows, the vine moves and so does the bell. When the wind stops, the vine stops and the bell stops too.

青 青 山 上 一 根 藤 , 青 藤 底 下 挂 铜 铃 , 风 吹 藤 动 铜 铃 动 , 风 停 藤 停 铜 铃 停 。

Qing1 qing1 shan1 shang4 yi4 gen1 teng2, qing1 teng2 di3 xia4 gua4 tong2 ling2, feng1 chui1 teng2 dong4 tong2 ling2 dong4, feng1 ting2 teng2 ting2 tong2 ling2 ting2.


Posted on Tuesday Feb 3, 2015


Please make sure you keep up with the classwork.

We learned half of the song “在我的歌声里”

Tomorrow we will 1) go over your HW; 2) finish up learning this song and 3) begin a new dialogue L4D2. Learn new vocabulary.


Posted on 1/30 Friday星期五:

1/29星期四 (Thurs) Wrapped up our learningonL4D1.We wentthroughthetextbookonL4D1Watched  videos on Hobbies.Played Call Bingo Game onL4D1 HW due: Finish Workbook on L4 D1 (including the listening-part, you can listen to the audio from my website). Go to the heading and look for the category “Audios for IC level 1 Part 1”. (move to Tuesday 2/3)
2/3星期二 I will begin a new lesson on L4D1 HW due: FinishWorkbook onL4D1 (including the listening-part, you can listen to the audio from my website). Go to the heading and look for thecategory “Audios for IC level 1 Part 1”. (move to Tuesday 2/3)Due: Homework “Unscramble the sentences” on L4D1 . Quiz onL4D1 (Review all we have learned on L4D1)

Posted on 1/28星期三(Weds)

 1/28星期三(Weds) We practiced on speaking and writing sentences using the vocabulary we have learned in this class.We did the worksheet (Unscrambling the sentences).
1/29星期四 (Thurs) Wrap up our learning on L4 D1. HW due: Finish Workbook on L4 D1 (including the listening-part, you can listen to the audio from my website). Go to the heading and look for the category “Audios for IC level 1 Part 1”.
2/3星期二 Due: Homework “Unscramble the sentences” on L4D1 . Quiz on L4D1

Jan 27 (Tues)

I have practiced more on L4 D1 voc. and how to make sentences from these voc.

In class, we gave out the following worksheets. Please try to work on these worksheets and use the flashcards to study as much as your time is allowed:


Jan 22 (Thurs)

Here are the homework you need to do before attending classes on Tuesday (Jan 27). Please make sure you do at least 30 minutes each day.   That is the best way to learn.  I hope you will all do well in my class. If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to seek help from me.

Please do the following homework:

1.  Jan 23 (Fri): Review all the vocabulary (Recommendation–Do flash cards). Review L4D1  grammar 1 & Grammar 2 from Textbook.

2. Jan 24 (Sat): Review Grammar 3, 4, and 5 from
Textbook L4D1) ; Do Workbook p. 62 (part C & part D) due on Jan 27

3. Jan 25 (Sun): Do Workbook p. 64. part B (due on Jan 27)

4. Jan 26 (Mon): Do Workbook p. 65,  part D (due on Jan 27)

1/20 (Tues) We went over the vocabulary again.
1/21 (Wed) We reviewed our study on the L4 D1’s vocabulry and  went over the dialogue. After going over the dialogue, we did the L4D1’s speaking exercise on the workbook. We took a quiz, but students will need to retake this quiz tomorrow.
1/22 (Thurs) We had a quiz on voc from L4D1 and go over the homework. HWdue: Chinese characterssheetsonL4D1fromcharacterworkbook.HW due: Workbook on p. On p. 61 and  p. 63. Quiz  on the entire list of vocabulary on Lesson 4.You need to learn how to write them in both pinyin and Chinese characters.

Jan 15, 2015 (Friday)

We have learned vocabulary from Lesson 4 today.

Please study for the 1st voc. quiz on Lesson 4–the entire list over the weekend.

PPT will be downloaded today for your study.

on Tuesday (1/20)

Quiz 1 on Vocabulary on L4-D1.

HW on character workbook sheets on L4 D1 due on Tuesday.


Jan 14, 2015 (Weds)

Today we reviewed common and classroom expressions. I also cover some vocabulary in Lesson 4.

I gave out four character sheets assignments that you can use to help you prepare for the quiz tomorrow. Please write as much as possible.  You do not have to complete every single box. Write some for each. It would be your homework for today.

PPT will be posted Friday afternoon (after class).


Jan 13, 2015 (Tues):


Sorry I am sick today and could not come to school.  I have four handouts (see below) I have printed out for you. It is on top of my cabinet next to the bookshelf. If you could use the class time to complete them, that would be great. Next session we will study Lesson 4. Please preview and study the new vocabulary in the lesson Hobbies. Hope you have a nice day!

The quiz will be postponed to our next session.


Jan 8, 2014

The class is cancelled today. Please adjust the schedule one day forward. Have a nice snow day.


Jan 7, 2014

Hi Xue er & Kailing, & Feng Kai,

It was so nice seeing you today. I am so pleased to have you as my students this semester. If you are dedicated to learning, I promise I will do my best to help you learn the Chinese language. It is not only great for your intellectual development, but also a wonderful way to expand your cultural understanding of a country that has a rich cultural heritage.

May the journey of Chinese language learning take you to see, hear, explore and understand more about yourself and others.

Have an enjoyable and successful semester!

And have a very Happy New Year!  新年快乐!(xin1 nian2 kuai4 le4)

Laoshi (Teacher)

Jan 7, 2015

Write the following words at least 10 times in Pinyin and Chinese characters

说 shuo1: speak

怎么 zen3me: how

中文 zhong1wen1: Chinese

意思 yi4si: meaning

英文  ying1wen2: English

” Good-bye “中文怎么说 ?: How do you say “good-bye” in Chinese?

“Bu dong”英文 是什么意思? What does “bu dong” mean in English?

Quiz on Thursday (1/8): matching the common expressions & greetings  

Watch the videos on greetings and common expressions to learn the expressions.


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