Announcement for 1st Period Class

These announcements are relevant only to my 10th Graders’ Chinese class at BHSEC (Spring 2018).

Friday, Jan 19, 2018  二零一八年一月十九日星期五

HW due on Monday 请写第五课会话一会话每一行用汉字,拼音,和英文写一篇。请星期一给我。(Please write L5D1 dialogue text line by line in Chinese character, Pinyin and English. Give it to me on Monday.)The goal is to figure out the whole dialogue what it means and learn how to say it.

Here is the recording for the vocabulary and dialogue:

Lesson 5 122-123 26 Lesson 5: Dialogue 1
Lesson 5 124-125 27 Lesson 5: Dialogue 1: Vocab

Sat., Jan 13, 2018  二零一八年一月十三日星期六

Tuesday L5D1 Vocabulary and Character homework due(星期二 生词和汉字功课 给老师)

Friday. Flash card quiz on L5D1 Vocabulary (星期五考第五课会话一生词认字小考。)

Next Monday Vocabulary written quiz on L5D1 Vocabulary (星期五听写第五课会话一生词。)

Weds., Jan 10, 2018  二零一八年一月十日星期三

Oral Performance for L4D2 due on Thursday.

Oral final project due on Sunday