Updates for 8th Period Chinese 第八节中文课

These announcements are relevant only to my Year One Chinese class at BHSEC (Spring 2018).

Friday, May 11, 2018


Tuesday, May 8, 2018 二零一八年五月八日星期二

Here is the oral part for your homework today: Workbook L12D1 Part 1, Part III A and B:

Lesson 12, Part 1 24 Workbook Dialogue
Lesson 12, Part 1 24 Listening Rejoinder

Sunday, April 22, 2018 二零一八年四月二十二日星期日

HW due on Monday:

1. Workbook L11D2 part I A, B, C and II A (answers), part III. A, B, C, and E.

Audio links to I B and C

Lesson 11, Part 2 11 Workbook Dialogue
Lesson 11, Part 2 11 Listening Rejoinder

2. Lyrics Worksheet for the song “Chuntian Zai Nali? 春天在哪里. Please 1) write the song in Chinese character and 2) also include pinyin on top of each character and 3) also the translation for each sentence.

Tuesday: 星期二听写第十一课会话二生词。 Dictation on L11D2.



Monday, March 19, 2018 二零一八年三月十九日星期一

  1. Make sure to give me film review no later than tomorrow.
  2. The following worksheets are due tomorrow (on both sides):l11d1-writing-activities

Monday March 5, 2018 二零一八年三月五日星期一

L11D1 Workbook Part III.Reading A, B, & C due on Monday

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 二零一八年二月二十八日星期三

明天我们听写第十一课会话一的生词。Dictation on L11D1’s vocabulary. 请好好准备一下!

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 二零一八年二月二十日星期二

Test on L10. 明天考第十课。请好好准备一下。Make sure to turn in Workbook L10D2 IV D & E.

  • Go over both texts from L10D1 and L10D2
  • Review vocabulary from L10D1 and L10 part 2 复习生词
  • Go over the writing section in L10D1 and L10 Part 2 ]
  • Review key grammar points and know how to make sentences with these key grammars.
  • Here is the previous test: Test IC Lesson 10 第十课 Fall 2016

–Similar questions and some of the questions may appear in the test tomorrow.

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018 二零一八年二月十三日星期二

L10D2Workbook III due on Wednesday

Dictation for L10D2 Vocabulary 星期三明天听写第十课会话二生词

Oral Performance for L10D2 on Thursday. (L10D2 Oral Performance for L10D2)

We will have a test on L10 next Tuesday 我们下个星期二 考第十课

Friday, Feb 9, 2018 二零一八年二月九日星期五

Do L10D2 Workbook IV A–Homework due on Monday

Dictation for L10D2 Vocabulary 星期一 听写第十课会话二生词

Wed, Feb 7, 2018  二零一八年二月七日星期三

HW due on Friday请写第十课二Email 每一行用汉字,拼音,和英文写一篇。请明天给我。(Please write the text line by line in Chinese character, Pinyin and English.

Next Monday Dictation on L10D2 Vocabulary 下个星期一听写第十课会话二的生词。

Tuesday, Feb 6, 2018  二零一八年一月三十日星期二

L10D2 Character and Vocabulary Worksheets due on Wednesday.

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018  二零一八年一月三十日星期二

Trun in Workbook L10D1 IV D & E & F 星期二上课前一定要写完。

Monday, Jan 29, 2018  二零一八年一月二十九日星期一

做下面功课:Workbook L10D1 IV D & E 星期二上课前一定要写完。If you can also finish F, that would be great. 如果你也可以写完F.section, 那就太好了!

Friday, Jan 26, 2018  二零一八年一月二十六日星期五

做下面功课:Workbook L10D1 IV A,B,& C  星期一上课前一定要写完。

Tues., Jan 16, 2018  二零一八年一月十六日星期二

HW due on Wednesday 请写第十课会话一会话每一行用汉字,拼音,和英文写一篇。请明天给我。(Please write the text line by line in Chinese character, Pinyin and English. Give it to me tomorrow.)

Sat., Jan 13, 2018  二零一八年一月十三日星期六

Tuesday L10D1 Vocabulary and Character homework due(星期二 第十课会话一生词和汉字功课 给老师)

Flash card quiz on Tuesday 星期二考第十课课会话一生词认字小考。

Dictation on L10D1 Vocabulary 星期四听写第十课会话一生词。


Weds., Jan 10, 2018  二零一八年一月十日星期三

L10 D1 Chinese character worksheets and Chinese Vocabulary Worksheets due on Monday. (星期二交第十课会话一生词 和 汉字作业)