Announcement (to 1st Period)

These announcements are relevant only to my 1st period Year 2 Chinese class at BHSEC (Fall 2017)

二零一七年九月二十一日星期四 9/21/2017

HW due on Friday–Do the character sheets for L15D1.


二零一七年九月十九日星期二 9/19/2017

Read the Chapter 2 of the Wisdom of Chinese Character (PDF) Part 1 & Part 2. Due on Wednesday.

Select five characters:

1) Coping down how each character evolved over time by tracing how it has changed its writing over time.

2) in you own words, introduces this character as if you are teaching this character to a person who has never learned Chinese before. What certain component of the character represents?  What cultural message conveyed by this character? How this character can be remembered? etc.



二零一七年九月十三日星期三 9/12/2017

请把“六十年的梦”第三章翻译 成(fānyì chéng: translate into) 英文。Please translate Chapter 3 of the supplementary reading, “Sixty Years of Dreams.” Please include the new vocabulary with pinyin and translation for each paragraph. Due on Friday.

我们把第十五课的考试延(yan2)到下个星期一 。请好好准备一下!!We postpone our test on Lesson 15 to next Monday. Please be well prepared for it.

二零一七年九月十二日星期二 9/12/2017

我们星期三考第十五课(including both dialogues) 请好好准备一下!!Wednesday we will have a test on L15! Please be well prepared for it.

二零一七年九月十一日星期一 9/11/2017

L15D2 Workbook due tomorrow (Tuesday) at the beginning of the class right after we correct the translation section. 你上课以前一定要把功课做完!(You must finish the whole thing before attending the class).

我们星期三考第十五课(including both dialogues) 请好好准备一下!!Wednesday we will have a test on L15! Please be well prepared for it.


二零一七年九月九日星期六 9/9/2017

  • 请好好准备一下Workbook L15D2 Speaking Exercises Part B and C. 星期一上台表演。

(Please prepare for the scripts for II part B and C (p. 102). Be ready for the oral performance.)

  • Please complete Workbook L15D2 IV Writing Section A, B, C.

二零一七年九月六日星期三 9/6/2017

请好好准备一下Workbook L15D2 Speaking Exercises Part B and C. 星期四上台表演。

Please prepare for the scripts for II part B and C (p. 102). Be ready for the oral performance.

二零一七年九月一日星期五  9/1/2017

Dictation on L15D2 is postponed to Tuesday. 我们把听写延(yán)到星期二考试! 请好好准备一下!

you are required to provide the following:

  1. Chinese characters
  2. Pinyin (pronuciation)
  3. English meaning.

 Workbook L15D2 part 1 Listening part & Reading Part 3 due on Tuesday:

Here is the reading you need for the listening part:

Lesson 15, Part 2 Workbook Narrative
Lesson 15, Part 2 Listening Rejoinder

For the audio reading of dialogue and its vocabularies:

Lesson 15 150 Dialogue II
Lesson 15 152 Dialogue II, Vocabulary

二零一七年八月三十日星期三  8/30/2017

我们星期五听写第十五课会话二的生词。请好好准备一下! There is a dictation on the vocabularies of L15D2.  Please be well prepared for it.

二零一七年八月二十五日星期五  8/25/2017

  1. HW Vocabulary and Character Worksheets for L15D2 by Tuesday.(Write each vocabulary one line, and each individual character that makes up the vocabulary half line. (生词写一行,生词的每一个汉字写半行)Please provide English and Pinyin for all vocabulary and the meaning of each character that makes up the vocabulary.
  • I encourage you to do it before  Monday; it will help you with your flash card quiz at the end of the language lab class on Monday.

生词和汉字的作业最好下个星期一 给我。也可以下个星期二(9/29)给我。写汉字可以帮你准备星期一的字卡考试(Flash card quiz on Monday)

2. Quizlet:

下个星期一 (8/28)我们要上Quizlet 电脑课 (#311)。请记得带耳机!没带耳机,会从你的小考subtract二十分,下课以前我们考Flash cards quiz (我考生词字卡,你要会认生词,也要告诉我生词的英文意思,知道怎么说每一个生词。我们考L15D2的生词。

Next Monday, we will have a period of Quizlet in the Lab (Room 311). Please remember to bring your ear phones, I will subtract 20% from your quiz score if you do not bring it to class. I will randomly quiz you 10 vocabularies; you will need to recognize the word and know its English meaning and its pronunciation. The quizlet will be on L15D2.

To find a quizlet for L15D2 on line, just google: “Integrated Chinese Lesson 15 Dialogue 2  Quizlet” or “Integrated Chinese L15D2 Quizlet.” Next week when I return to school I will make a post on L15D2.

Here is the PPT for L15D2: PPT on Lesson 15-II_Fall 2017



二零一七年八月二十一日星期一 Monday 8/21/2017

明天考十五课会话一 生词小考: 请好好复习一下。考听写。

Tomorrow we have a review quiz on L15D1 Vocabulary. It will be a dictation.  I say a word in Chinese. You will provide the Chinese characters for the voc. and English translation and Pinyin as well.

二零一七年八月十八日星期五 Friday, 8/18/2017

作业 星期一 给老师:HW due on Monday: Read the entire handout all three parts–the first chapter of the book titled The Wisdom of Chinese Character 汉字的智慧: Click here to see the handout: Chapter 1 There are three parts: Write a summary for each part. And we will share in class.