Announcement (to 6th Period)

These announcements are relevant only to my 6th period High School Chinese class at BHSEC (Fall 2017).

二零一七年八日星期五  12/8/2017

HW due today: Write L4D2 Diagloue one time–Write in Chinese characters, also write English translation and Pinyin for each line.

二零一七年十二月一日星期五  12/1/2017

1.请好好准备第四课会话二的字卡考试。请在下个星期一考完这个字卡考试。(Please be well prepared for the flash card quiz for Lesson 4 Dialogue 2’s vocabulary. Please take this test no later than Monday. )

2.如果你还没给我的话,请把第四课会话二的汉字和生词的功课星期一上课时给我。(If you haven’t given to me, please turn in :Lesson 4 Dialogue 2’s  Vocabulary and character worksheets assignment at the beginning of the class on Monday.)

3. 我们星期四听写第四课会话二的生词。(We will have a written quiz on L4D2’s Vocabulary.

Resources for L4D2


二零一七年十一月十七日星期五 11/17/2017

The following assignment is due on Monday:

  • Turn in L4D1 Grammar 2 Worksheet we did in class, if you haven’t turned it in in class today.
  • The following assignment is due on Monday 星期一: Workbook L4D1 III. A, B, C, and D. (p. 61-62)

Workbook L4D1 IV B, C, & D due on Tuesday


二零一七年十一月十六日星期四 11/16/2017

The following assignment is due tomorrow: Worksheet for L4D1 Grammar 1 and Language Practice A (Please finish this in-class work we did today).

The following assignment is due on Monday 星期一: Workbook L4D1 III. A, B, C, and D. (p. 61-62)

We have  a written Vocabulary quiz on L4D1 on Friday

The 1st draft of the Oral performance due date Nov. 24

Video term Project is due on the last day before the final’s week.

二零一七年十一月十四日星期二  11/14/2017

This HW due on Thursday: L4D1 Workbook III. IV. A (p. 63)

Friday: written vocabulary quiz on L4D1 

If you haven’t completed the flash card quiz today. It will be subtracted 10% penalty for each late. Come to get it done during your drop period tomorrow, if you haven’t taken the flash card quiz. Please also keep up with your other assignments to avoid late penalty.

二零一七年十一月九日星期四  11/9/2017

Due on Monday: Write the L4D1 dailogue in Chinese & Pinyin,  in English

One-on-one flash card quizzes for L4D1 should be completed by Monday.

Written vocabulary quiz for L4D1 will be given on Thursday.



二零一七年十一月六日星期一  11/6/2017

L4D2 Vocabulary worksheets due.

二零一七年十一月三日星期五  11/3/2017

flash cards for L4D1 due today.

二零一七年十一月一日星期三  11/1/2017

Thursday 星期四: L4D1 Character Worksheets due.


二零一七年十月二十七日星期五  10/27/2017

We have a test on L3 (including L3D1 and L3D2) today (p. 67-95)

Here are the tests I gave before. You can use them to practice: I usually modify the test each time, but similar questions may appear in the test.

Study two dialogues and key grammars and review vocabulries. Use the workbook homework to study too and previous test on L3D1.

二零一七年十月十八日星期三  10/18/2017

The script for L3D2 Inviting someone to a movie was due on Tuesday. Make sure you finish your script before coming to class tomorrow.  Please get ready for presentation tomorrow.

二零一七年十月六日星期五  10/6/2017

These HW due on Tuesday:

  1. Read the article on Mid-Autumn Festival, and write a half to one page about this festival.  Tell us what the Mid Autumn Festival is and how do Chinese celebrate this festival in the past and nowadays.
  2. Turn in the “Where are my friends” lyrics to me. Write the Chinese characters and pinyin (Pinyin one time will be okay).
  3. Extra credit “Vocabulary worksheets for where are my friends” due.


二零一七年十月二日星期一 10/2/2017

  • L3D2 Vocabulary worksheet due tomorrow.
  • Flash cards quiz on L3D2 should be completed no later than tomorrow.
  • One-page notes on the Reading on The wisdom of Chinese characters Chapter 2 should have been turned on Monday. If you have not turned it in, please do so.

We will have a dictation on L3D2 on Thursday.


二零一七年九月二十八日星期四 9/28/2017

Oral performance should be completed no later than tomorrow.

Read the entire article on the supplementary reading from the Wisdom of Chinese Character Chapter 2 –The one-page note taking for the supplementary reading  due on Monday.

The tongue twister–Write Chinese one time Pinyin one time for the tongue twister I gave you in class today.  Due tomorrow.

二零一七年九月二十五日星期一 9/25/2017

Test on L3D1 tomorrow.

二零一七年九月二十一日星期四 9/21/2017

Homework Due today: Finish the review L3D1 worksheet.

We will have the test on L3D1 on Monday.


二零一七年九月十九日星期二 9/19/2017

HW due: L8D2 Character worksheet due tomorrow.

二零一七年九月十九日星期二 9/19/2017

Due on Thursday: Finish the remainder of this handout (Review Test for Lesson 3 Dialogue 1)

二零一七年九月十二日星期二  9/12/2017

Due on Friday: L3D1 Workbook  Part IV Writing: A, B, C, D, E, and F. 

Do not use google translate. Using it is considered cheating and will result in 0 grade for that HW/.  It will not do you any good using google translate. And I will know it as well.  Please just use the phrases and words learned in this class.  You can find your answers usually by studying the dialogues and Grammar points in the textbook.

Finish up all these sections. If you fail to do your HW, you will not allow to write anything on the worksheet when we correct them in class.  You must do them in order to be given opportunities to correct them in class before turning the HW to me.


二零一七年九月七日星期四 9/6/2017

I gave out an extra credit assignment today (5 points): Write L3D1 whole dialogue in Chinese characters with pinyin above (in one line), and also provide the English translation for each line. Due tomorrow.

二零一七年九月六日星期三 9/6/2017

Be prepared to take the second quiz on L3D1.

二〇一七年九月一日星期五  9/1/2017

Dictation on L3D1 is postponed to Tuesday.  I will say the word,

you are required to provide the following:

  1. Chinese characters
  2. Pinyin (pronuciation)
  3. English meaning.

For instance: I say “九月” : you are required to write:

  1. 九月 jiǔyuè September

I will randomly select 10 vocabularies to test you.

Enjoy your labor day weekend.


二零一七年八月二十八日星期一  8/28/2017

We will have another quizlet computer class to master L3D1. Be ready to take the flash cards quiz on the entire list (p. 68-69) tomorrow by the end of the class or by 4:00 p.m.

Have fun learning!


二零一七年八月二十五日星期五  8/25/2017

  1. HW Character and Vocabulary Worksheets for L3D1 due on Monday or Tuesday.(Write each vocabulary one line, and each individual character that makes up the vocabulary half line. I encourage you to do both before the Monday; it will help you with your flash card quiz at the end of the language lab class. Please make sure to write both English meaning on the side (one time) and also Pinyin (at least one time). Please write the meaning and Pinyin down before you start writing. On this Post on L3D1 Vocabulary and Dialogue you can find the list of vocabulary and a list of individual characters with English translation and Pinyin.

2. Quizlet:

Next Monday, we will have a period of Quizlet in the Lab (Room 311). Please remember to bring your ear phones, I will subtract 20% from your quiz score if you do not bring it to class. I will randomly quiz you 10 vocabularies; you will need to recognize the word and know its English meaning and its pronunciation. The flashcard quiz will be on L3D1 (on p. 68). on this Post on L3D1 Vocabulary and Dialogue you can find the list of vocabulary and a list of individual characters

To find a quizlet for L3D1 on line, just google: “Integrated Chinese Lesson 3 Dialogue 1  Quizlet” or “Integrated Chinese L3D1 Quizlet.” or go to this post on my website. The quizlet is at the end of this post: Post on L3D1 Vocabulary and Dialogue with quizlet at the end

二零一七年八月二十四日星期四 Thursday 8/24/2017

Use 3×5 cards to make a set of flash cards for the vocabulary in L3D1 before attending tomorrow’s class.  Front–Chinese characters, Back–pinyin and English.

二零一七年八月二十一日星期一 Monday 8/21/2017

The oral performance is postponed to Wednesday. I will give you another class time to work on your oral performance with your classmate.

二零一七年八月二十一日星期一 Monday 8/21/2017

The oral performance is postponed to Thursday. I will give you another class time to work on your oral performance. And you have the drop period on Wednesday to be well prepared for this assignment.

二零一七年八月十八日星期五 Friday, 8/18/2017

HW due on Tuesday 星期二 ready to perform in class:  The following assignment is a review assignment for the first two lessons you have learned so far.

1st Oral Performance–我的家人和我 My family and I

Create a booklet or a large poster for this presentational oral performance assignment.

  • Note1: You should include a title page: 我的家人 和我
  • Note2:Include photos and drawing to illustrate your content.


Rubric for Oral Assignments

  • The  booklet should be written in Chinese characters.
  • Please try to memorize as much as you can. Try not to read but introduce yourself and your family by looking at your audience.