Announcement (to 8th Period)

These announcements are relevant only to my 8th period Year 1 Chinese class at BHSEC (Fall 2017)

二零一七年九月二十一日星期四 9/21/2017

HW due on today–Do the character sheets for L15D1 and also do the vocabulary worksheet as well (write it on the second sheet)  the following vocabulary one line each: 最近, 学期,除了。。。以外, 专业,音乐会,希望。Include English and Chinese Pinyin.

You also need the vocabulary flash cards quiz today.


二零一七年九月十五日星期五  9/12/2017

HW due on Monday: the worksheet on the Grammar 正在--It is the homework I gave out at the end of class. (是老师下课以前给你们的功课,星期一给我这个功课!)

二零一七年九月十二日星期二  9/12/2017

Videos on Tongnian (Childhood)

Tongnian (Childhood) Song–>The extra credit vocabulary sheets (including Pinyin and English meaning on the margin) and the lyrics worksheets  (include a translation sheet, also Pinyin on top of each character, and the Lyrics written in Chinese characters) ->Due when we have a chance to go  over the meaning of the entire song in class.  This assignment will be more meaningful if you know what you are writing about.

L8D1 Workbook D, E, F will be due on Friday.  You will not be allowed to write your HW in class, but will be given a chance to correct your mistake in class. 

Please do not use google translate for any Chinese assignment. Doing so may result in zero. Use the words, phrases and sentences learned in class!




二零一七年九月九日星期六 9/9/2017

Please finish the following homework and give them to me on Monday (请你们星期一上课一开始的时候把这些功课给我):

  1. Finish writing the text of the supplementary reading “每天早上” . You must include the following info: 1) each line of the text –> one line: Chinese text in characters, 2) second line:  Pinyin, 3) third line: English.
  2. Please revise this text with 以前 and 以后 in the text to make it flow better and less choppy. Please provide the English translation. (Use “以后” at least two times, and “以前” at least one time.”



二零一七年九月七日星期四 9/6/2017

Finish The Grammar and language sheet (Part 1) for L8D1 and please give it to me tomorrow at the beginning of the class.

二零一七年九月五日星期二 9/5/2017

Workbook Homework: L8D1 IV. A  (p. 132) due on Wednesday.

二零一七年九月一日星期五  9/1/2017

Dictation on L8D1 is postponed to Tuesday. 我们把听写延(yán)到星期二考试! 请好好准备一下!

you are required to provide the following:

  1. Chinese characters
  2. Pinyin (pronuciation)
  3. English meaning.

 Workbook L8D1 Reading part 3 A, B, & C  is due on Tuesday. (p. 129-131; we will do the speaking section in class).


二零一七年八月三十日星期三  8/30/2017

我们星期五听写第八课会话一的生词。请好好准备一下! There is a dictation on the vocabularies of L8D1.  Please be well prepared for it.

二零一七年八月二十五日星期五  8/25/2017

  1. HW Character and Vocabulary Worksheets for L8D1 due by Tuesday.(Write each vocabulary one line, and write one half line of each individual character that makes up the vocabulary.  For instance, 电脑–one line; 电–half line; 脑–half line.  Make sure to write English meaning on the side and also the Pinyin on the side. On this Post on L8D1 Vocabulary and Dialogue you can find the list of vocabulary and a list of individual characters with English translation and Pinyin.

I encourage you to do both before the Monday; it will help you with your flash card quiz at the end of the language lab class. Please make sure to write both English meaning on the side (one time) and also Pinyin (at least one time). Please write the meaning and Pinyin down before you starts writing.

2. Quizlet:

Next Monday, we will have a period of Quizlet in the Lab (Room 311). Please remember to bring your ear phones, I will subtract 20% from your quiz score if you do not bring it to class. I will randomly quiz you 10 vocabularies; you will need to recognize the word and know its English meaning and its pronunciation. The flashcard quiz will be on L8D1

To find a quizlet for L8D1 on line, just google: “Integrated Chinese Lesson 3 Dialogue 1  Quizlet” or “Integrated Chinese L8D1 Quizlet.” Find the best constructed quizlet  to work with. Or go to this post on my website. The quizlet for L8D1 is at the end of this post: Post on L8D1 Vocabulary and Dialogue

Here is the PPT for Lesson 8 School Life 学校生活 Xuéxiào Shēnghuó:ic1-lesson-8-part-1-Fall 2017

二零一七年八月二十三日星期三 Friday, 8/23/2017

Use 3×5 cards to make a set of flash cards for the vocabulary in L8D1 before attending tomorrow’s class.  Front–Chinese characters, Back–pinyin and English.

二零一七年八月十八日星期五 Friday, 8/18/2017

HW due on Tuesday 星期二 ready to perform in class: The following assignment is a review assignment for the first 7 lessons you have learned so far.

1st Oral Performance–Meeting a new Friend

Rubric for Oral Assignments

  • Staple together the whole script with the assignment sheet and the already filled-out self-evaluation form.The script should be written in Chinese characters.
  • When you perform, you can only bring a 3×5 index card with you. You can use this index card to write down some prompt  words to remind you of the script and you can also include words they may be difficult to you. But you are not allowed to copy and read the script from your index card.