IC1 L5 D2 Narrative: At a Friend’s House: Vocabulary and Dialogue

Lesson 5 Narrative: Vocabulary & Proper Noun


Click on the word to hear the sound and its stroke animation, and examples of word combinations and sentences

ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 wán toy; sth used for amusement; curio or antique (Taiwan pr. ); to play; to have fun; to trifle with; to keep sth for entertainment
2 le (modal particle intensifying preceding clause); (completed action marker)
3 图书馆 圖書館 shūguǎn library; Classifiers:
4 一起 in the same place; together; with; altogether (in total)
5 聊天 liáo tiān to chat; to gossip
6 liáo to chat
7 tiān day; sky; heaven
8 cái ability; talent; sb of a certain type; a capable individual; only; only then; just now; a moment ago; just now; (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until; (followed by a numerical clause) only
9 回家 huí jiā to return home
10 迴, 逥 huí to circle; to go back; to turn around; to answer; to return; to revolve; Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims); time; classifier for acts of a play; section or chapter (of a classic book); to curve; to return; to revolve; variant of


No. Chinese Pinyin Definition
1 wán to play with,to joke,to enjoy,to amuse oneself,to have fun,curios,antiques,
2 le to finish,particle of completed action
3 diagram,to plan,picture,drawing,chart
4 shū book,letter,script,document,writings,to write
5 guǎn public building,house,establishment,shop,house
6 liáo to chat,to have a chat,
7 cái not until,only (then),only if,just
8 huí to circle,to go back,to turn around,to answer,to return,to revolve,Islam,time,classifier for acts of a play or section or chapter

Narrative (Textbook pg. 135)


With Pinyin:

zuó tiān wǎn shang wáng péng yǒu gāo wén zhōng jiā wán r
昨天 晚上 王朋 李友 高文中 玩儿


zài gāo wén zhōng jiā men rèn shi le gāo wén zhōng de jiě jie
高文中 他们 认识 高文中 姐姐


jiào gāo xiǎo yīn zài xué xiào de shū guǎn gōng zuò
高小音 学校 图书馆 工作


qǐng wáng péng chá wáng péng le bēi shuǐ yǒu
王朋 喝茶 王朋喝 李友


chá zhī le bēi shuǐ men liáo tiān r kàn diàn shì
喝茶 他们 一起 聊天儿 电视


wáng péng yǒu wǎn shang shí èr diǎn cái huí jiā
王朋 李友 晚上 十二点 回家


Quizlet IC1 L5-2 Narrative


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