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He who knows no foreign language does not really know his own.  -Goethe


As you set out for the learning journey,  hope the voyage is a long one, full of joy, adventure and discovery. (Click here for the Source of this painting)

Ling-Ling Chinese is a Language Learning Resource Collective created by Professor Ling-Ling Shih. This website was originally created for her Chinese classes, then expanded to a collection of authentic Chinese multimedia and educational resources to aid anyone who wishes to study the new language. 

This website provides a wealth of teaching and learning resources, including:

  • Chinese lessons
  • Free Chinese Worksheets
  • Reading materials
  • Multimedia resources
  • Language tools 
  • Authentic materials 
  • Teaching and Learning Tips

To learn Chinese well, expose yourself to Chinese as much as possible.  Make use of authentic materials.  Authentic materials  refer to the materials that are created, read, heard, and viewed by the native speakers and locals. Foreign language is a lot more fun to learn when learners go beyond the textbooks and use more authentic learning materials such as  News Magazine ArticlesRadio BroadcastTV DramasMoviesSongsChildren’s LiteraturePoems and Children Rhymes, and daily things native people encounter. I remember when I first started learning English during my junior high school years, what got me interested in learning English was not the rigid boring textbook-based teaching, but interesting contents I learned through a radio program called “Studio Classroom” (空中英语教室) taught by the American teacher Beng Menghui Laoshi 彭蒙惠老师). I was having fun learning all sorts of subjects while learning English.  In addition to having a more structural learning from classroom learning, Chinese learners must strive to find more opportunities to hear, speak, read, and write the language, and foreign language teachers must also try their best to create such opportunities for their students. This website is intended to serve this purpose. 

Ling-Ling Shih

All resources provided on this website are available to anyone for free!

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Disclaimer: This website provides access and links to videos or educational information made available on the popular video hosting sites and other sites. If you would like your materials/videos to be removed from this website, please contact Ling-Ling Shih.

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