The best Chinese Radio to Listen to: Radio Taiwan International (RTI)

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih


Radio Taiwan International (RTI)
Type Radio network
Country  Republic of China
Availability International
Owner Radio Taiwan International
Launch date
Former names
CBS,Voice of Free China, Radio Taipei International
Official website

(From: Radio Taiwan International–Wikipedia)

Radio Taiwan International broadcasts to China and to an international audience

RTI  broadcasts a wide variety of locally and nationally produced programs in hi-fi stereo. RTI broadcasts news programs, Mandarin Programs, Dialect Programs (aimed at minorities), perspective programs, host shows, music, plays and novels performed over the radio, programs, etc.

Immerse yourself in Chinese language environment by tuning in to RTI programs. 

Click here to go to the official website of RTI:

Radio Taiwan International

When you go to the RTI News’ main page, click on the following for the news:

RTI  新聞即時聽(新闻即时听)Instant News

  • 晨間新聞(晨间新闻)Morning News
  • 午間新聞(午间新闻)Noon News
  • 晚間新聞(晚间新闻)Evening News

Beside news, RTI also includes a wide variety of programs.  If you are interested, here are some other programs you can listen to improve your Chinese listening comprehension:

On this page, you can listen to:

At the RTI, you can find the following pages:

  • speaker image small影音 (Youtube Videos produced by RTI)
    • 《央廣國際新聞》PLAY ALL
      《央廣新聞》 PLAY ALL
      《夏午來讀書》 PLAY ALL
      《專題採訪》PLAY ALL 深度報導探訪議題,央廣和您一起關心社會!

speaker image small兩岸 (China-Taiwan)

speaker image small其他 (Others)

speaker image small戏剧 (plays)

speaker image small政经(Politics and Economics)

speaker image small文化 (Culture)

speaker image small综合 (Varieties)

speaker image small音乐(Music)


There are both Simplified and Traditional Versions:  

Image (11).jpeg


Other Chinese Radio Resources for 广播剧:



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