Free Chinese Audiobooks and E-books: Listen and Read World Literature in Chinese

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih
From Ling-LingChinese

The best way to enhance your language ability is to listen and read literature. In this post you will find out how to find free Chinese audiobooks and free Chinese e-books.  You will find world literature in both audiobooks and e-books.

Find an Audiobook First, then Look for an E-book for It

Once you decide an audiobook you want to listen to, then google to find the Chinese e-book for it.  You will be surprised to find that you can find many e-books for the audiobooks you are interested.

Tips for improving listening and reading skills in Chinese: Hear the audiobook you select and read the literature along with the corresponding e-book you find on line . First, listen and read along a few times until you can understand the text. Then try to listen to it without reading. If necessary, listen to it a few more times until you can comprehend what you hear.

How to Find Chinese Audiobooks?

Here are some apps and websites you can hear free Chinese Audiobooks (有声读物)in Chinese:

How to Find Chinese e-books?

Once you find an audiobook from the above links, you can simply google the title of the book in Chinese (You should click on a link that has the title of the book followed by the words, “在线阅读” (zai xian yuedu, “on-line reading”). For instance, if you are looking for the book “老人与海” (Old Man and the Sea), just type the title of the book, and  look for a link that has these words: 老人与海在线阅读. You can look for any e-book that way.

Here are some of the websites that provide free Chinese e-books in World Literature, Chinese classics, Famous autobiography, Novels, Poetry, Children’s Literature, etc.

 Here are some well-known literary works I have found in both Audiobooks and e-books

This list will continue to grow.


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