Power Point Slides by Ms Ling-Ling

l16-i-ling-lingBy Ling-Ling Lisa Shih
From Ling-LingChinese.com


Lesson 1 Greetings 问好 Wèn hao

Lesson 2 Family 家庭 Jiātíng

Lesson 3 Dates and Time 时间 Shíjiān

Lesson 4 Hobbies  爱好 àihào

Lesson 5 Visiting Friends 看朋友 Kàn péngyou

Lesson 6 Making Appointments 约时间 Yue shíjiān

Lesson 7 Studying Chinese 学中文 Xué zhōngwén

Lesson 8 School Life 学校生活 Xuéxiào Shēnghuó

Lesson 9  Shopping 买东西 Mǎi dōngxī

Lesson 10 Transportation 交通

Lesson 11 Talking about the Weather

Lesson 12 Dining  吃饭

Lesson 13 Asking for Direction 问路

  • IC L13D1 Will be provided soon.
  • IC L13D2 Will be provided soon

Lesson 14

  • IC L14D1 Will be provided soon
  • IC L14D2 Will be provided soon

Lesson 15 Seeing a Doctor 看医生

Lesson 16 Dating 约会




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2 thoughts on “Power Point Slides by Ms Ling-Ling

  1. I am your fan. Thanks for the new post! Every time it is such an excitement for me to see your new post. Your resources have really enriched my teaching. I am about to finish lesson 12 and to start lesson13. When can you post the power point slides for lesson 13?


  2. Your power point slides are being a big help for me since I am teaching in a high school. I am teaching lesson 12 now, but you have not posted the power point slides for lesson 12 yet. I am wondering when you can post it. Is it possible for you to email me the one for lesson 12? I hope I am not asking too much. Thanks very much for your generous sharing!


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