Integrated Chinese Power Points Slides

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih


Feel free to download Ms. Ling-Ling’s power point slides for your personal teaching and learning. However, do not publish her work or copy part of her work without permission or without linking back to this page at where you find the source.

Power Point Slides for the Integrated Chinese lessons:


Lesson 1 Greetings 问好 Wèn hao

Lesson 2 Family 家庭 Jiātíng

Lesson 3 Dates and Time 时间 Shíjiān

Lesson 4 Hobbies  爱好 àihào

Lesson 5 Visiting Friends 看朋友 Kàn péngyou

Lesson 6 Making Appointments 约时间 Yue shíjiān

Lesson 7 Studying Chinese 学中文 Xué zhōngwén

Lesson 8 School Life 学校生活 Xuéxiào Shēnghuó

Lesson 9  Shopping 买东西 Mǎi dōngxī

Lesson 10 Transportation 交通

Lesson 11 Talking about the Weather

Lesson 12 Dining  吃饭

Lesson 13 Asking for Direction 问路

Lesson 14

  • IC L14D1 Will be provided
  • IC L14D2 Will be provided

Lesson 15 Seeing a Doctor 看医生

Lesson 16 Dating 约会

Lesson 17 Renting an Apartment 租房子

Lesson 18 Sports 运动

Lesson 19 Travel 旅行

Lesson 20 At the Airport 在机场

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  1. Your power point slides are being a big help for me since I am teaching in a high school. I am teaching lesson 12 now, but you have not posted the power point slides for lesson 12 yet. I am wondering when you can post it. Is it possible for you to email me the one for lesson 12? I hope I am not asking too much. Thanks very much for your generous sharing!


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