Supplementary: Chinese Reading and Listening Resources

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih


Tools for reading Chinese online:

Listening & Reading Resources for Chinese Learners

  • Learn Chinese with Audiobooks and Transcripts:

Click here to see a list of Audiobooks in Chinese: 有声中文小说

      Here are some apps and websites you can hear Chinese Audiobooks in     Chinese:

凤凰FM / 56听书网 / 懒人听书 (website/apps)/ K酷听听书天方听书网

Pick a novel and google to see if you can find a transcript for the         audiobook you are interested. You will be surprised to find that you can find many transcripts for the audiobooks you are interested.  One way to improve your reading in Chinese is to hear the language and read along with the transcript. First, listen to it a few times with the script until you can understand what is said. Then try to listen to it without reading. Here are the audiobooks with a transcript I have found on line:

有声小说 Audio book:Weicheng 围城 (Fortress Beseiged)  (14 hrs) & Transcript for Weicheng 围城

有声小说udiobook: The Story of Ah Q 阿Q正传 and Transcript for The Story of Ah Q 阿Q正传Translation for the Story of Ah Q

有声小说 Audiobook:生死场  and the Transcript for 生死场

有声小说Audiobook:彷徨(19集) and Transcript for 鲁迅《彷徨》在线阅读

Audiobook: Star War 星球大战 and  Transcript for Star War in Chinese 星球大战 (in simplified) and Transcript (traditional)

Audiobook for Ba Jin “The Family”  and Transcript for Ba Jin “The Family

        News on China (in English)

New York Times on China 纽约时报中文网 (Click on the article you are interested, and then click on “中英对照” for the both English and Chinese)

BBC News on China

Reuters on China 路透中文網

The China Times (Daily, the Global Edition)

China News on SINA English

Xinhua 新华网

China Daily 中国日报网

Global Times

line 中国军报

China News Service Website 中新网

            Chinese news in Chinese:

New York Times on China 纽约时报中文网 (Click on the article, then on “中英对照” for the both English and Chinese)

BBC 中文网

World Journal 世界日报

China Times 中国时报电子报

E Business Review 商业评论网

China News 中国新闻网


Google 新闻

Nddaily 南都报

Sing Tao 星岛日报

Sina 新浪博客

Epoch Times 大纪元


Ming Bao 明报网站

Ming Bao Weekly 明报周刊

Hinet 新闻网 (In Traditional Chinese) 环球论坛

  • 世界名著,华人作品



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古诗大全 (Collections of Chinese poetry)

小学、初中课文标准朗读 (Read outloud texts):

识字一《一去二三里》flash朗读 识字二《比一比》flash朗读
识字一《口耳目》flash朗读 识字二《自选商场》flash朗读
识字一《在家里》flash朗读 识字二《菜园里》flash朗读
识字一《操场上》flash朗读 识字二《日月明》flash朗读
1画flash朗读 11我多想去看看flash朗读
2四季flash朗读 12雨点儿flash朗读
3小小竹排画中游flash朗读 13平平搭积木flash朗读
4哪座房子最漂亮flash朗读 14自己去吧flash朗读
5爷爷和小树flash朗读 15一次比一次有进步在线朗读(flash)
6静夜诗flash朗读 16小松鼠找花生课文动画朗读
7小小的船flash在线朗读 17雪地里的小画家课文动画朗读
8阳光flash朗读 18借生日朗读(动画)
9影子flash朗读 19雪孩子在线动画朗读
10比尾巴flash朗读 20小熊住山洞在线朗读(动画)