Chinese Writing System: Basic Strokes, Basic Structures, Radicals

Click here to have an Introduction to Basic Chinese Strokes

TYPES OF STROKES IN CHINESE CHARACTERS: For further reading, please refer to wikipedia.


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The Basic strokes

Happy Cottage Children Resources: Thoughts on teaching Chinese:

The following are sample characters that contain one of the eight basic strokes, highlighted in red.

Stroke Order

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The Basic Rules of Chinese Stroke Order

Chinese Rules — chinesephrasebook:   Basic rules of Chinese stroke...:

Chinese Characters Stroke Order Part 1:
How to Write Chinese Character Posters | Gotta love ChinaSprout! Get creative & use your artistic skills! With quality paper stock & imagination you could create a personal, one of a kind piece!:

How to Write Chinese Characters

 (This video helps you understand the Chinese character stroke order rules on TB: p 15. D

This link, Chinese Writing and Calligraphy, discusses the following topics :

  • The eight principles of the Chinese word”永”
  • Four treasures of study
  • Horizontal and Vertical Writing
  • The Five Major Styles of Character Writing中国书法
  1. The Eight Principles of the Chinese “永”

The strokes in Chinese characters fall into eight main categories: horizontal (一), vertical (丨), left-falling (丿), right-falling (丶), rising, dot (、), hook (亅) and turning (乛, 乚, 乙, etc.). The “Eight Principles of Yong” outlines how to write these strokes, which are common in Chinese characters and can all be found in the character for “yǒng” (永, which translates as “forever” or “permanence”).:

2. The Four Treasures of the Study

3. Horizontal and Vertical Writing

(Please see File:East Asian calligraphy scheme)

4. Different Styles of Writing:

There are five major styles of character writing in Chinese calligraphy.

  • The Seal script

File:Seal Eg.png

  • The Clerical Script

File:Clerical Eg.png


  • The Semi-cursive Script

  • The cursive script


  • The regular script





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