IC1 Lesson 2 Extra Kinship Terms

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih
From Ling-LingChinese.com

Extra Kinship Terms for IC1 L2

No. Chinese Pinyin Definition
1 yé yé father’s father; (paternal) grandfather
2 nǎi nai father’s mother; (paternal) grandmother
3 wài gōng mother’s father; (maternal) grandfather
4 wài pó mother’s mother; (maternal) grandmother
5 bó bo father’s older brother; (paternal) uncle
6 shū shu father’s younger brother; (paternal) uncle
7 jiù jiu mother’s brothers; (maternal) uncle
8 gū gu(gū ma1) father’s sisters; (paternal) aunt
9 ā yí (yí ma1) mothers sisters (maternal) anunt^




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