Learn to count numbers in Chinese from 1- 10,000

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih
From Ling-LingChinese.com

Counting numbers in Chinese is quite simple. Once you master how to count from 1 to 10 in Chinese, you will realize it is not all that difficult to master to count to 100, or even much larger number. See if you can learn how to count to 10,000, or even learn how to say up to 1 billion!

Vocabulary for Numbers in Chinese (One to A Billion)

worksheets for Numbers in Chinese from One to Billion (in PDF)

ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 one; 1  
2 èr two; 2  
3 sān  three; 3  
4 four; 4  
5 five; 5  
6 liù six; 6  
7 seven; 7  
8 eight; 8  
9 jiǔ nine; 9  
10 shí ten; 10  
11 十一 十一 shí  eleven; 11  
12 十二 十二 shí èr twelve; 12  
13 十五 十五 shí  fifteen; 15  
14 十六 十六 shí liù sixteen; 16  
15 十七 十七 shí  seventeen; 17  
16 十八 十八 shí  eighteen; 18  
17 十九 十九 shí jiǔ nineteen; 19  
18 二十 二十 èr shí twenty; 20  
19 shí ten; 10  
20 二十 二十 èr shí twenty; 20  
21 三十 三十 sān shí thirty; 30  
22 四十 四十  shí forty; 40  
23 五十 五十  shí fifty; 50  
24 六十 六十 liù shí sixty; 60  
25 七十 七十  shí seventy; 70  
26 八十 八十  shí eighty; 80  
27 九十 九十 jiǔ shí ninety  
28 bǎi hundred  
29 一千 一千  qiān one thousand  
30 一万 一萬  wàn ten thousand  
31 十万 十萬 shí wàn hundred thousand  
32 百万 百萬 bǎi wàn million;  
33 一千万 一千萬  qiānwàn ten million  
34 亿 100 million  
35 十亿 十億 shí  one billion

Quizlet for Chinese Numbers from 1 to 10,000


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