Chinese Film: Eternal Moment 将爱情进行到底(2011) (With English subtitles)


By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

Watching movie is a great way to learn Chinese. 看电影学习中文!

Film review on “Eternal Moment”_Film Business Asia
Contemporary romantic drama in China
2011, colour, 2.35:1, 103 mins

Directed by Zhang Yibai (張一白)

Main Actress: Xu Jinglei_Wikipedia

Main Actor: Li Yapeng

This movie was filmed after the TV series was shown. The movie is a sequel to the TV series. The movie version has both English and Chinese subtitles (The entire film is shown below in 8 parts in youtube).

If you are interested in the TV series as well,  just click Eternal Moment in TV Series(将爱情进行到底1998年电视剧版), and you can begin to watch the first episode and the entire episodes in Youtube.  However this TV series only has Chinese subtitle.

The Eight-part videos for the movie version: “Eternal Moment” (in both Chinese and English):

  • 将爱情进行到底 – 1/8

  • 2

    将爱情进行到底 – 2/8

  • 3

    将爱情进行到底 – 3/8

  • 4

    将爱情进行到底 – 4/8

  • 5

    将爱情进行到底 – 5/8

  • 6

将爱情进行到底 – 6/8


  • 7
  • 将爱情进行到底 – 7/8

  • 8

    将爱情进行到底 – 8/8



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