Second Annual BHSEC Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

Second Annual BHSEC Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

Bard High School Early College Cleveland celebrated its second annual Chinese New Year to mark the beginning of the year of Monkey. The event was held at Bard High School Early College on February 26, 2016. It featured performances by BHSEC’s Chinese language students (Here is the Program for Chinese New year Celebration 2016). Both BHSEC’s Students and their parents were invited to celebrate this event.


Hosts of the Event:

Ethan Theberge

Ethan-Host of the event

Co-host: Tessa Theberge. This photo was taken when she was performing a song called “Tian Mimi 甜蜜蜜.”

Tessa Singing Tian Mi Mi--Tessa--also the co-host of the event

The “Dragon Dance” Performed by Erich Leutz and Terrell Cureton

Dragon Dance by Erich and Terrell

New Year Song, Gōngxǐ Gōngxǐ (Best Wishes), Performed by 10th Graders Chinese Classes

10th Graders singing Gongxi Song

Gongxi Ge Performance

Chinese Song, “Tóng Huà” (Fairy Tale), Performed by Katelynn Turley and Shannon LaPointe

Katelynn and Shannon performing Tonghua

Chinese Song, “Yuèliàng Dàibiǎo Wǒ de Xīn” (The Moon Represents My Heart), Performed by Isis Duncan

Isis singing the moon represents my heart

Chinese Song, “Tián Mì Mì” (As Sweet as Honey), performed by Tessa Theberge

Tessa Singing Tian Mi Mi--Tessa--also the co-host of the event

Chinese Poem “Xiāngchóu” (Nostalgia) Recited in English and Chinese by Jayda Caraballo and Ravyn Goggans

Ravyn Reciting Xiangchou

Ravyn and Jayda Reciting Xiangchou

Jayda Reciting Xiangchou

Sándor Petőfi’s famous short poem, “Freedom and Love,” (also its parody) recited in English and Chinese by Tashieona Taylor and Jamalys Rodriguez

Tashi and Jamalys Reciting Freedom and Love

Chinese Song, “Wǒ de Zhōngwén Bù Hǎo” (My Chinese is not Good), Performed by Desirae Bunch, Kynie Vazquez, Qualita Davis, Shannon Henley/ Guitar performed by Erich Leutz

Desirae Kynie Shannon Peforming

Desirae Kynie Qualita Shannon Erich Performing Wo de Zhongwen buhaoErich performing guitar

Chinese Tongue Twister, “Lāmā hé Yǎbā” (The Monk and the Mute), performed by Emilio Bess and Maitlinn Theberge

Emilio and Maitlinn Performing the Monk and the Mute

Chinese Rap, “Wǒde Jiātíng” (My Family), by Qaulita Davis, Leonna Williams, and Laneasha Littlejohn/ Dance Performed by Gary Thompson and Chi’mere Johnson


Gary and Chimere Performing Dance


Qualita Leonna Laneasha performing Wo de JiatingChinese Song, “Wǒ Wèi Nǐ Gē Chàng” (When it’s lonely), Performed by Saki Tanakadate and Shannon LaPointe/ Dance performed by Raquel Cairns

Saki singing When it's lonely

Shannon singing when it's lonely

Raquel Dancing

Chinese Song, “Yǒu Yí ge Dìfāng” (There is a Place), by Kytana Maldonado

Kytana Singing There Is a Place

Chinese Song, “Shenme Rang Wo Yujian Zheyang de Ni” (What Is It That Made Me Meet Someone Like You), Performed by Edith

Edith Singing What Is It that Made Me Meet Someone like You - Copy

Guess the Riddle, Get a Prize! Lantern Festival’s Riddles for 2016 Read by the Principal, Dr. Williams

Principal Williams

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