Student Works for L18D1

L18D1 Oral Performance :

Interpersonal Presentation #1: (100%)

Ask your partner if he/she exercises, how often, what kind of exercise he/she does, and why he/she likes that kind of exercise. Also ask what other two activities they would like to do to keep themselves healthy and why they are considering doing those activities.

Presentational #2: (25%)

Look back the past few months. Create a poster and list five things you haven’t done and indicate for how long you haven’t done it.  Draw each picture and indicate the time on the side and write the sentence below. (This is an exercise on the following pattern: Subject+ Time Duration +没(有)+Verb +了

For example

clip image for the oral assignment.PNG

Here are the works completed by my students:

IMG_0893 script by kytana
Script by Kytana and Saki
IMG_0892 by Katlyn
Script by Katelynn and Dillon

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