Learn Chinese through A Snow White Play in Chinese

My students performed these plays for this Chinese New Year. In this post you will find relevant videos, the bilingual script (without pinyin and with pinyin), vocabulary list they use to prepare for this play.  I have two classes. One had performed it as a regular play and the other class was  a parody.

You will find that Disney animated movies are great  resources for learning Chinese. You can usually find them in both English and Chinese versions. Since you are already familiar with the stories of Disney movies, you can pick up Chinese vocabulary, phrases, and sentences very easily from the contexts by watching the animated videos in Chinese language, with either English or Chinese subtitles.

Image result for 白雪公主

(This above video contains the simplified Seven Dwarves’ Song:  Evil queen and mirror singing addition to scene 1 with pinyin and here is  Added part without pinyin.

Scripts we use for the performance:

Vocabulary sheets for the play:




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