Chinese Phrases and sentences you can use for Mother’s day

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. I have asked my students to create a card for their mothers. I taught them some useful words, phrases, and sentences they can write on the cards. I am sharing with you here what I have taught them.

First of all, how do you say a Mother’s Day Card in Chinese? I will give you a hint: You will use “zhāng” (张) for a card (卡片: piàn).

Mother’s day, we say “qīn jié” (母亲). It is made up of the words: “ qīnjié” (母亲) and jié (“节”).

“母亲” ( qīnjié) is the traditional term for Mother–妈妈( ma:”mother”) and “节” (jié) is the Chinese word for “Holiday; festival”

How to say “A Mother’s Day Card” in Chinese? Can you say it now?

Mother day card image.PNG
一张母亲节卡 (A Mother’s Day Card)

Mother 10.PNG

Here is the character “母”--the image on the right may help you remember how to write this character “母”

    (Source: image from the video: Basic Chinese Character Components – People)

In this post I will include the following sections:

First, I will write out some words, simple sentences and phrases you can use in the Mother’s Day’s card.

Secondly, I will add pinyin and English translation to this list and print them in large fonts.

Thirdly, I will include a vocabulary list for this lesson and downloadable worksheets

Extra resources for related topics, a website to design and print your own Mother’s card, and a tutorial for creating a paper rose for the Mother’s Day are also included at the end of this post

In Characters Only:

  • 亲爱的 XX

  • 母亲节快乐!

  • 您是世上最好的妈妈。

  • 谢谢您为我做的一切!

  • 我跟您在一起很快乐!

  • 谢谢您生了我!

  • 谢谢您从小到大辛苦地养育我

  • 您是我最好的榜样!

  • 妈妈,我爱您!

  • 您的儿子,(signature)

  • 您的女儿,(signature)

In Pinyin, Chinese Characters, and Translation, also in large fonts:

Mother Day 1
Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!
Mother Day 2.PNG
You are the best mom in the world!
Mother Day 8
Thank you for everything you have done for me.
Mother Day 4.PNG
I am happy to be with you.
Mother Day 5.PNG
Thank you for giving birth to me and thank you for raising me.
Mother Day 6
You are the best role model for me. I love you, mom!
mother Day 11.PNG
Your Son, (Signature) / Your daughter, (Signature)

Vocabulary List:

ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 亲爱的  親愛的 qīn ài de dear
2 母亲节  母親節  qīnjié Mother’s Day
3 快乐  快樂 kuài  happy; merry
4   nín you (courteous, as opposed to informal  )
5   shì is; are; am; yes; to be
6 世上  shìshàng on earth
7 最好  zuì hǎo best
8   de of; ~’s (possessive particle)
9 妈妈  媽媽  ma mama; mommy; mother; Classifiers: 
10 谢谢  謝謝 xiè xie to thank; thanks; thank you
11   you (informal, as opposed to courteous  )
12   為, 爲 wèi because of; for; to; variant of  , because of; for; to
13   I; me; my
14   zuò to do
15 一切   qiè everything
16   gēn with




to be (in or at…)


18   hěn very
19   shēng to be born; to give birth
20   le (modal particle intensifying preceding clause); (completed action marker)
21 从小到大 從小到大 cóngxiǎo dào  literally translated, from little to old, meaning since you are very little til now
22 辛苦  xīn  to work hard
23   de -ly; structural particle: used before a verb or adjective, linking it to preceding modifying adverbial adjunct
24 养育  養育 yǎng  to rear; to bring up; to nurture
25 榜样  榜樣 bǎngyàng example; model; Classifiers: 
26   ài to love
27 你的   de your; yours
28 儿子  兒子 ér zi son
29 女儿  女兒  ér daughter

Although this is a Mother’s Day, you can also make a card on this special day to show your appreciation to anyone who has cared for you like a mother. If your mother has passed away, you could also make this card to express your love for her, I told my students. You may use this opportunity to commemorate her and express in Chinese your love for her and also tell your guardian angel how much you have missed her. (可以对她说:“我很想念你。)

Mother Day 9.PNG
I miss you very much!
想念 xiǎngniàn to miss; to remember with longing

Extra Resources:

在线母亲节卡片制作 (You can use this site to make a Mother’s Day Card)

Video Resources on Mother’s Day in Chinese:

Resource for How to make a Paper rose flower  tutorial:

Mother’s Day in China | Chinese Language Blog




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