Take a taxi–Oral and Written Assignments

Watch the following videos:

How to Take a Taxi in Chinese! | Learn Chinese Now

Take a Taxi in Chinese: My conversation with Taiwanese Driver (Step by Step)

The learning goal of this assignment:

Learn how to take a taxi in Chinese!  It is a very practical lesson. I love these lessons. When you go to China or Taiwan, you will have a chance to take a taxi. Taxis are everywhere in big cities. You will find these lessons helpful to get around in China and Taiwan.

After watching these two videos and based on these two videos, answer the questions in Chinese characters.  Please answer each question in a complete sentence and submit this to your instructor via Google Docs.

(If you don’t know how to type Chinese character in Google Docs, click the Link here on how to type Chinese in google docs).

Please Also provide an audio recording of these questions and answers in Chinese.

  1. What are different ways to call “taxi” in Chinese? (Hint for this answer: “Taxi”这个生词,有两个说法(two ways to say this word), 在中国,Taxi ,他们说是…, 在台湾,他们叫。。。)
  1. ”Taxi Driver“ 中文怎么说? (How do you call a ”taxi driver“ in Chinese?)  Tell me two ways you can address the driver. (In you answer, you can use “或者” to provide the answer, Hint for Ans: 你可以叫Taxi driver A 或者 B)
  1. 你怎么告诉司机你要去哪儿?(How do you tell a taxi driver that you want to go to a place 【pick a place】)?
  1. “How much is it, please” 中文怎么说?(How to ask “How much is it” in a polite way? )
  1. In the second video, what did the chauffeur like to do when he was driving? (The answer to this one was written on the screen.) 这个司机先生开车的时候,喜欢做什么?
  1. In the second video, according to the taxi driver, how many minutes it will take to get to the lady’s destination? 到她要去的地方,坐出租汽车要几分钟?
  1. “Excuse me, here is fine” 中文怎么说? (That means you want to get off here.)
  1. “Be careful” 中文怎么说? (How do you say: “Be careful” in Chinese?)

Write this phrase in Chinese characters. 

Google doc assignment copy of this assignment:




9_24_ Take a taxi in Chinese Worksheet

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