Writing and Oral Assignment on Taking a Taxi in Chinese (2)

Watch “Travel in Chinese Lesson 03”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlFc9-h5JaM a few times. Then complete the following writing and oral assignments:

First, answer the following questions in complete sentences (in Chinese characters). 

Second, record you asking and answering the questions. Please ask and answer in Chinese and in complete sentences.

  1. 这一家人要去哪儿? (Where are this family going?)
  1. 明月饭店离颐和园远吗? (Is Mingyue Hotel far away from Summer Palace?)
  1. 这个女孩小洁来过北京吗?(Has this girl Xiaojie ever been to Beijing?)
  1. 她正在学什么语言?(What language is she learning?)
  1. 小洁的爸爸在哪儿出生的? (Where is Xiaojie’s father born?)
  1. 他们给司机多少钱?(How much did they give to the driver?)
  1. 小洁的爸爸说”我有好几年没有回来了。”“好几年”英文是什么意思?(Xiaojie’s father said, “I haven’t come back for 好几年.” What does “好几年” mean in English?
  1. 北京有没有一环路?Does Beijing have 1st Ring Road?
  1. 北京有没有六环路?Does Beijing have 6th Ring Road?
  1. ”要我说“英文是什么意思?What does “要我说” mean in English?

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