IC L2D1 Oral performance: Who is this person (in the photo) 这个人是谁?

L2D1 Oral Performance: Who is this  in the photo?

Pair up with a language partner. Each language partner needs to present a family photo to his or her language partner and introduce family members to the language partner.

You can record this with https://vocaroo.com/ and share the recording’s link with your instructor. Please send in the entire recorded session with your language partner, with you being the one who is answering the questions.

A: Ask if this photo is B’s

Is this your photo?  

B: Say that it is.

A: Ask who are in the photo: For example,

Who is this person?

Who is this man?

Who is this woman?

Who is this girl?

Is this your mother?

Who is this boy/girl?

B: Answer each question and introduce  your family in the photo , by saying “这是我 的。。。)


Your oral performance will be determined by the following categories:

Content 20%

Vocabulary 20%

Grammar 20%

Fluency 20%

Pronunciation 20%

Learning Resources (How to introduce your family in Chinese):

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