Chinese Cultural Project

Click here to download the Chinese Cultural Project:

Chinese Cultural Project:

Find a topic related to Chinese culture, Research the topic in depth, & Present your findings to the class.

Due on the final exam day (The final exam week is May 24-28)

The Topic:

Research about important figures, places, events, aspects of Chinese culture. If you are interested in a particular place (The Great Wall, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Forbidden City, etc.), research the history of the place you are discussing. Other ideas students have found interesting in the past include: fables, Chinese mythology, footbinding, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Chinese cuisines or a particular food, fashion through different dynasties, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Buddhism, Daoism, Chinese Martial Arts, a particular famous singer or actor, Chinese poems, Chinese well-known ancient love story, a particular film, Maoist propaganda posters, the Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.

If your topic is not mentioned here, please get the instructor’s approval on your final topic before doing your research.


Here are some sites you can explore Chinese cultural topics. Find a topic that interests you and gather information about the subject.

Websites on Chinese Culture:

Chinese Festivals:

Other Resources on Chinese Festivals:


Plan on a 10-minute presentation in class.  No need to write an essay paper for this presentation. However, be prepared to present your findings in class in an organized format.  In your presentation, illustrate what you say with some visual aids (photos, illustration, samples of food, a couple minute film clip, some demonstration—Teaching your audience how to do some Gong Fu, etc.)

Medium of Presentation:

Please present in a Powerpoint slideshow, a video, or present a website or padlet you have created.

 You will be graded based on the following three main categories:

  1. Content: the quality of your research
  2. Delivery: the quality of your presentation: preparedness, public speaking, visual aids, handouts if any)
  3. Contribution: Did you make it interesting for your audience? Did your audience learn something new about Chinese culture?    

Credit: This cultural project draws much inspiration from the following cultural project posted on (I have modified it for my students’ cultural project).

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