Final Language Project: Create a Comedy

Work together with a group of students to work out  a comedy show that incorporates all the Chinese we have learned in this class this semester. You can perform in front of our class for this final project.  But you must also be willing to perform for the Chinese New Year in February as well. The final language project can be performed live or it can be videotaped as well.  We can use the video for our Chinese New Year.  

To make sure the comedy is a success, teamwork is essential. Everyone plays a role to make this comedy a success. We will need:

–A director for this comedy. 

–A screenwriter for this comedy.  The screenwriter will be in charge and work with everyone to come up with the script for the performance.

–A tech person responsible for filming (if someone needs to film the video)

–The tech support also is responsible for putting the Chinese characters and English subtitles on the screen. 

–Multiple actors for different parts of this comedy (only the tech person can skip the performing

Recommended Length for the Project: At least 5 minutes.

Here you can see some of comedies that my students came up with:

Comedy 1: Robbery

Comedy 2: Jake’s Birthday

Comedy 3: At a Chinese Restaurant

(A video project instead)

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