L4D1 hobbies flash card assignments

These are two assignments I gave for my class.

Assignment 1:

Make the following 19 flash cards of the following vocabulary list on the archchinese page:

有/ 什么/ 爱好/ 喜欢/ 做/ 打球/ 打/ 球/ 看 /看电视 /电影 /书 /看书/ 听/ 音乐/ 听音乐/ 跳舞/ 跳/ 舞

Hobbies in Chinese in Arch Chinese Stroke Order

Make sure to click to see the correct stroke order before you write on the flashcards.

Take the photo of all front side of flash card (the vocabulary/character written in Chinese characters only)

And take another photo of the back side of all the flash cards (Pinyin and Chinese meaning side).

Submit to your instructor as instructed.

You get the full points by writing the characters in correct stroke order and by writing them beautifully.

Assignment 2: Take Flash card quiz with the instructor: one on one

Bring your own flashcards you have made for the previous assignment to class and be ready to take the flash card quiz with the instructor in class.

The instructor will show you the side of Chinese character, and you will say it in Chinese and give me its English meaning.

Late penalty applies to the quizzes and tests.

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