Chinese song: You & Me by Sam and Shara Lin

This post contains the following:

1. Videos for “You & Me” composed by Sam and Shara Lin. (One has pinyin in it.)
2. The lyrics in Pinyin and Simplified Chinese in PDF.

3. The lyrics Worksheet

4. Vocabulary list of the song.

5. The vocabulary list in that provides the animated stroke order for each character and pronunciation.

6. Three Assignments

In traditional Chinese:

《You & Me》
詞曲 – Shara Lin & Sam Lin




It’s all about you and me.

Three Assignments for this song:

  • Assignment 1: Use the following vocabulary list to come up with the English translation for the song.
  • Assignment 2: Write the vocabulary at least three times for each item on the archchinese list: Make sure to look for the animated stroke order for each vocabulary/character and hear its pronunciation before you write them. Stroke order is critical in learning how to write Chinese characters. Also important: Provide English and Pinyin before writing each vocabulary. (Tip for learning: sound out each character as you write the character and register its meaning in your head).
  • Assignment 3: Use the lyric worksheet and write the lyrics one time.

Assignment1: Translate the song using the following lyrics sheet and vocabulary list.

Vocabulary List for You and Me

Assignment 2: Write the vocabulary 3 times using this link to look up the animated stroke and hear the pronunciation.

Click the links below and then look for the following sign to get the stroke order and pronunciation of these vocabularies in Arch Chinese:

(After clicking the above links, then look for the sign in the middle and click on it to get the stroke order animation of each character).
  1. You & Me Vocabularies_(part 1)_in ArchChinese animated Stroke Order
  2. You & Me Vocabularies_Part 2 in ArchChinese Animated Stroke Order
  3. You & Me Vocabularies_Part 3 in ArchChinese Animated Stroke Order

Assignment 3: Write the lyrics work sheet.


I have posted the previous vocabulary list within the post here in larger print:

You & Me (by Sam Lin & Shara Lin)Vocabulary List:
ID Simplified (Trad. )Pinyin: Definition
1 词曲 (詞曲) cí qǔ: Lyrics and Music
2 手机 (手機) shǒu jī : cell phone; mobile phone; Classifiers: 部
3 响起 (響起) xiǎng qǐ : Ring
4 你 nǐ : you (informal, as opposed to courteous 您 )
5 传来 (傳來) chuán lái (of a sound) to come through; to be heard; (of news) to arrive
6 的 de: of; ~’s (possessive particle)[di5] in poetry and songs
7 讯息 (訊息) xùn xī: information; news; message; text message or SMS
8 迫不急待 pò bù jí dài: can’t wait
9 地 de: -ly; structural particle: used before a verb or adjective, linking it to preceding modifying adverbial adjunct
10 回应 (迴應) huí yìng: to respond; response
11 想 xiǎng: to wish; to want
12 知道 zhī dào: to know
13 现在 xiàn zài: now
14 会 (會) huì: will; can;
15 在 zài: (located) at; (to be) in
16 哪里 (哪裏) nǎ lǐ : where
17 却 (卻) què: but; yet; however
18 不 bù: (negative prefix); not; no;
20 该 (該) gāi : should; ought to
21 怎么 (怎麼) zěn: me how
22 问 (問) wèn: to ask
23 刻意 kè yì: deliberate
24 经过 (經過) jīng guò: to pass; to go through (Classifiers: 个)
25 爱 愛 ài to love
26 咖啡厅 (咖啡廳) kā fēi tīng: coffee shop
27 猜想 cāi xiǎng: to guess
28 是否 shì fǒu: whether (or not); if; is or isn’t
29 这里 (這裏) zhè lǐ: here
30 上网 (上網) shàng wǎng: to go online
31 搜寻 (搜尋) sōu xún: to search; to look for
32 爱看 (愛看) ài kàn: love to wath
33 电影 (電影) diàn yǐng: movie; film; (Classifiers: 部 )
34 制造 製造 zhì zào to manufacture; to make
35 共同 gòng tóng: common
36 话题 (話題) huà tí: subject (of a talk or conversation); topic
37 好想 hǎo xiǎng: really would like
38 和 hé: and; together with; with
39 手牵手 (手牽手) shǒu qiān shǒu: hand in hand
40 去 qù: to go; to go to (a place)
41 旅行 lǚ xíng: to travel; journey; trip; Classifiers: 趟
42 就是 jiù shì: (emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated); precisely; exactly; even; if; just like; in the same way as
43 我 wǒ: I; me; my
44 最 zuì: most; the most; -est (superlative suffix)
45 深刻 shēn kè: profound; impressive; deep; deep-going
46 风景 (風景) fēng jǐng: scenery; landscape; Classifiers: 个
47 养 (養) yǎng: to raise (animals); to bring up (children); to keep (pets); to support; to give birth
48 一 yī: one; 1
49 只 zhī: measure word for animals; if it is pronounced as third tone, then it means “only.” In this song, it is used as a measure word.
50 哈士奇 hā shì qí: husky (sled dog)
51 任性 rèn xìng: willful; headstrong; unruly
52 小 xiǎo: small; tiny
53 猫咪 (貓咪) māo mī : kitty
54 写 (寫) xiě: to write
55 一首 yī shǒu: 首 is a measure word for songs
56 最美 zuì měi: most beautiful
57 主旋律 zhǔ xuán lǜ: main melody (music)
58 唱 chàng: to sing
59 著 zhe: The particle 着 (zhe) is one way of indicating the continuous aspect in Mandarin Chinese (another common way is using the adverb 在 in front of verbs). 
60 歌 gē: song; Classifiers: 支
61 说 (說) shuō: to speak; to say
62 爱你 (愛你) ài nǐ: love you
63 像 xiàng: to resemble; to be like; to look as if; such as; appearance; image; portrait
64 部 bù: classifier for films, machines etc.

Lyrics: You & Me by Sam Lin & Shara Lin

In simplified Chinese in larger print:

《You & Me》
词曲 – Shara Lin & Sam Lin




Use to get annotation for this song by just copying the text and paste it into its box.

Hear the reading of this lyrics at google translate by cutting the text and paste it on google translate and just clicking the microphone, then you can hear an audio reading of this lyrics.

Please share your English translation with us in the following response box!

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