Chinese Oral Assignment using location phrases

Draw a fictional map of your school and your house. 

First give the addresses of your house and school including city name, street or road name, and nubmer (remember the address is always from bigger unit to the small unit. (市—》路/街—〉号—》楼)。(From city name to road/street name to number to floor).

我家在【complete address】。

我的学校在【complete address】。

Then use the following location phrases to describe where they are located: (Use at least five to six of these in your description)


我家在大华公园附近。My house is nearby Da Hua Park.

Pinyin for vocabularies are provided in the end or as an attached file.

1. 在 (Location word) 附近  Nearby…

2. 在 (Location Word) 旁边 Besides…

3. 在 (location word) 右边 To the right of …

4. 在 (location word) 左边 To the left of …

5. 在 (location A) and (location B) 中间

6. 在 (location word) 对面 Across …

7 在 (location Word) 前面  In front of…

8. 在 (location word) 后面  Behind…

Landmark words you can use:

商店 store

医院 hospital

学校 school

公园 park

一条河 one river

一座山 One mountain

图书馆 library

加油站 gas station

高速公路 express way; highway

旅馆 hotel


有一座山在我的学校后面 or you can say: 我的学校在一座山的前面。

Submit your script with a map and present it orally in class. Try to memorize your description by heart. Make a nice poster with the map and description and make an oral presentation.

Student sample done by Jojo
Script done by Jojo
Work completed by Danieliz
Student work By Naomi
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