Chinese Performance skit: Order food in a restaurant

With a partner, participate in a simulated conversation. 

Scene 1:

  • You partner told you that Today is his birthday. 
Please see the grading rubric in the self-evaluation sheet, in order to get an A in the oral performance:o            Use many new vocabularies and new sentence patterns from L14D2.o            Memorize as much as possible.o            Use accurate grammar and correct writing in the speech and written script.o            Work on your pronunciation and fluency.Please Submit:the self-evaluation assessment,  the entire script   

Find out how old he/she is.

  • Then offer him/her that you will take him/her out to eat (请 qing3: treat)
  • Ask him/her what food s/he likes to eat? Also ask if he or she likes to eat American food or Chinese food (or other type of ethnic food, such as Italian food or Mexican food). (还是 hai2shi4: or )

Scene 2:

Topic:  Order Food in a Restaurant 在饭馆儿点菜


This conversation requires at least three partners. One acts as a waiter/waitress. Another acts as customers (You and your friend)

  • First, both of you and your friend are first walking into a restaurant.
    • Beginning with the customer walking into the door.

Waitress/waiter: 欢迎光临 Huan1 ying2 guang1 lin2 Welcome!

Have a seat: “请坐!请坐!(qing3 zuo4! Qing3 zuo4)

  • After sitting down.
    • The waiter/waitress asks what kind of drink the customer(s) would like. You may add a special request for your drink. (e.g., add ice or sugar 加冰jia1 bing1/加糖 jia1tang2).
    • Then the waiter/waitress asks what the customer(s) would like to eat.
    • The customers will order at least:
      • A main course
      • A soup
      • Give dietary preferences for the main course and soup.
    • The waiter/waitress politely takes the order, and repeats what the customer wants at the end.

别 bie2/不要 bu2yao4: Don’t

多/少 duo1/shao3: More/less


Please put more sugar: 请多放糖!

请少放盐。 Put less salt.

No MSG please: 请不要放味精。

Please add more ice: 请多加冰!

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