DC Pro Review Sheet for L7 & L8

Review L7-8 复习第七课到第八课

Translate the questions and also answer the following questions.

Lesson 7 第七课

  1. A: Where do you live?

B: I live at [City name], [Street name], [Number #?], [Floor #].

2. A: Where does Teacher Shi live?

B: She lives in Westlake.

3. A: Do you also live in Cleveland?


4. A: Do you live by a park?


5. A: Do you live by our school? Do you live by here?


Lesson 8 第八课

  1. A: What day of week is it?

B: Today is Thursday

2. A: What day of week was yesterday?


3. A: What day of week is tomorrow?


4. A: What date is it today?

B: Today is…

5. A: Today is my older sister’s birthday.

B: Wish her a happy birthday.

A: Thank you!  When is your birthday?

B: My birthday is…

Review time expressions: Translate them into Chinese characters and also write down pinyin as well.



The day before yesterday

The day after tomorrow

This year

Next year

This week

Last week

Next week

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