Watch Free Chinese Movies 看中国电影

 By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih



If any of the movies below is deleted, then just copy and paste the movie’s title to any of the following website’s search box.

More resources you can gain access to TV dramas/Movies

You may get lucky and find the movie to watch it for free! If you are looking for the movie with English subtitles, just write down the title of the movie and add “English subtitles” after the title’s name.

Chinese Films (with English Subtitles)

Chinese Animation Films

Chinese Scary Movies in English sub

Chinese Films (with Chinese Subtitles)


Extra Resources:

Movies you may consider checking out from your local libary:

  • 金陵十三釵 (The Flowers of War)
  • 少女小渔
  • 我的美丽与哀愁 (The Peony Pavilion)

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