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Shi Laoshi

28 thoughts on “Please post your movie review here

  1. Hero movie review
    The movie hero first started with it saying “people would give up their lives for their family, friends, and even other people. of course when I read that I thought maybe it would be a story someone doing something bad for their friend. But then it went on and said “even kill for them” and I thought oh so someone’s gonna die. At the Beginning of the movie it seemed more like a comedy thing a action feel drama. I say this because of how they fight or how they act it’s more funny than sad. In this review essay I’ll basically be telling you what I have saw or Heard or what I thought was bad and good. And I will be explaining what happens throughout the movie and giving you background on the character.
    In this movie I have seen betrayal, heartbreak, lies, fights and even love. In the movie you start to understand that you shouldn’t trust everyone. There was a lot of things that surprised me and that was the way they were fighting. You could tell that it was fake usually in movies the fighting seems more real. In the first fight Scene you see a man playing an instrument it kinda look like a violin only it was smaller and on it back. The color of the movie was amazing looking at the roses fall off the tree and the snow in the background, It was all so peaceful and beautiful. Another shocking thing to me was when the army started to shoot the arrows at the building and the people just sat there knowing that they could get shot by one.
    Towards the end of the movie we start to understand broken sword and snow’s love for each other. All so much that they would die and kill for each other. I was so confused at the end seeing broken sword in snow kept dying and that were it lost me I was really confused at that point. Whenever there was a fight saying there would always be A drum beating in the background like a weird yelling sound I could not tell if it was the fighters or the music. I also was upset that nameless did not killed the empire. But one thing I did like about the movie was how moon stuck up for her master. And then for her to see her master die was just so sad.
    In Conclusion this movie had a lot of up and downs there were some parts that I don’t like and some parts that I did. There were some parts that were faker than others and some parts that were real. This Movie has a lot of sound and colors, you can see the cultures of China that you really don’t get to see in other movies. That’s why I think this movie hero was such a great movie.


  2. Siane Campbell period 6

    The movie heroat first had me confused because the way the sequence of events was set up. Even though we watched it two times I was still confused. But what I got out of it was the movie overall was about love. I think the creator of the movie was trying to show how love can be beautiful, dangerous, and exciting at the same time. Some scenes that showed beauty was the more colorful scenes like when the two woman were fighting outside. Scenes that showed danger were when the soilders shot arrows on the school of girls who got nearly every one killed. The other things I noticed in this film was the conversations of the man and his wife. Throughout the whole movie, one of then always died in a different circumstance but it was all for the same thing, love. This movie really showed how different things can tear people apart and somehow never break the love the two people share. Overall the movie was really dramatic and confusing at first but if you pay attention really closely then you will find your own understanding of the movie as I did. I think anyone else who watches this movie will enjoy it just as much as I did.


  3. My review on the movie was that it was not a normal Jackie Chan movie. it gives us a taste of how the ancient Chinese culture was back then in our past time. It kind of amazed me because there were different scenarios from different point of views as well. Till the day China is considered as “Our land” as being a united country.


  4. Hero essay
    Nameless is a worrier and he wants to go kill the emperor because he Killed his family when nameless was a baby and now nameless wants revenge and comes up with different missions to find the emperor. In the beginning nameless fought some random guy in a yellow shirt and lied to sky and snow to get to the emperor. Finally when nameless finds the emperor he tried to kill him but he realized that it wasn’t worth it so he walked away and left him alone confused.
    On the other hand Snow and Broken Sword had got into an argument because he slept with moon and sword did it on purpose to make snow mad so snow stabbed Broken Sword and he called her foolish . Moon had got mad and fought snow and lost. When snow and Broken Sword met up again they ended up fighting and they both died over love so this story is just like Romeo and Juliet in both movies they both die over love and truth just because of a little blood fuse that can be fixed.
    In the movie, I noticed a few things and it was in every scene they fight and a hard drum plays at a medium speed. I also notice that everyone dies with a purpose sadly when they could of fixed the situation and moved on and be happy. I also noticed that every time I see a fighting scene with swords they always hop on air to get away from the enemy. Throughout the movie I was kind of confused because I thought that some of the characters were dead and I say this because I keep seeing the same characters over and over and it made me wonder and I thought that the person was dead for example when Snow stabbed BrokenSword because of the situation that happened earlier in the movie it made me wonder if they were having a flashback or if they were just alive the whole time and they just wanted to confuse you and make sure you were caught up in the movie and you understand it.


  5. A’Majaye from period 8,
    My reflection on the movie was that the movie was very much intense and it was hard to keep up with since I really couldn’t understand what anybody in the movie was saying. I had to read the subtitles throughout the whole movie. Besides that , the message of the sequence is that the character “Nameless” the worrier wanted to kill the man who had killed his family when he was younger. The man he wanted to kill was the emperor. Nameless fought and lied to people just to get to the emperor and after finally getting to the emperor Nameless didn’t kill him. He felt as if he wasn’t worth it anymore but he was also still confused. The message communicated by music , fighting sound effects and swords. The filmmaker is trying to communicate that not everyone is worth your time of day to get you out of your character. The five channels of information in film, visual image , print , speech , music , and sound effect worked together to communicate the message in a weird way. I say that because when they was fighting they stopped fighting to have a man play his music and then they started up fighting again. Space is landscape used as a comment in the characters inner state of mind. Yes the use of space includes a certain atmosphere the atmosphere is very calm and then angry. There is definitely a lot of prop using going on in the movie. Some of the social and cultural codes were music. Anyways back to my reflection of the movie the movie overall was very interesting. But the movie was very confusing I kept getting lost because I would think someone had died but they didn’t. I don’t really know how to explain this movie because it was some what weird but good at the same time. For some one to understand this movie they would literally have to watch it there self in my opinion.


  6. Caleb jordan 6th period September 29, 2019 — 10:15 pm

    The movie was very well directed the cuts from one story to another was floless and the senery was amazing the music was well scribted and the actors did very well the two seens I liked the most were when he was facing the man with the silver spear and the fight at her resting place the fight with the silver spear was good because of the music it added a nother level to the movie and the fight on the water was great because of the senery but my one problem was the plot it was a little pridictable in the fact that you new that he was going to die


  7. Makayla Kaliszewski September 29, 2019 — 10:14 pm

    Makayla Kaliszewski 2°

    In the film “Hero” I found myself often confused at times. There would be scenes where it felt like it was just a repeating scene of what we already saw. For example between flying snow and broken sword there were plenty of times where they would just stab each other and it would confuse me a lot because I didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. Besides the repetition it was overall a good movie and I loved the plot twists that they would sneak up on us. The choice of landscape was beautiful and fit the scene in heaven very nicely. The sounds effects and visual image were always done quite nicely so no complaints there. “Hero” was a good movie overall and I would watch again.


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