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Shi Laoshi

28 thoughts on “Please post your movie review here

  1. “Hero” by Zhang Yimou is a movie that is raw but complex. That is how I would describe this movie in a short phrase. After watching the whole film and processing it all, I’ve come to a conclusion on the meaning of it. I believe the meaning of the entire movie is acceptance. What I mean by that is to accept what has happened or what is to happen. Often, we choose to not accept the past or the present for various reasons. It could be that we don’t want to accept the reality that we’re in or simply we don’t agree with what’s happening. There’s only so much we, as humans, can take before we burst and it’s better to accept and resolve those issues before they manifest. It is hard to accept something you’ve been fighting against or ignoring but in the end, acceptance is the key to moving on and letting go.
    In the movie, we are shown various scenes where all the colors they’re wearing change as the storyline does. But what stuck out to me the most was the first color they wore which was red. To me, the red in the beginning signifies the wrath the characters felt, whether it was because they were misunderstood or angry as well as hurt from past events. It’s a strong and vibrant color to start with which makes sense considering wrath is a strong and vibrant emotion we experience. Yet, as the movie progresses we finally end on the color white which I believe signifies their acceptance. White is a pure and calming color, a drastic difference from the red. I feel the white shows their growth, their growth with changing and accepting everything for what it. This is the final stage of acceptance that they’ve reached and now all they have to do is let go.
    A case of this happening is the relationship between Broken Sword and Flying Snow, two assassins in the film. Straight from the beginning, we’re able to see all the negative emotions being harboured towards one another from the pair. The pain, jealousy, and anger between the two is strong and red, bright in fury and hot like the sun. Both characters could not accept the past and chose to ignore it which caused their emotions to gradually get worse. Their relationship and emotional health suffered because of their lack of acceptance. Soon after, out of jealousy and anger that manifested, Flying Snow killed Broken Sword. This specific scenes shows how not coming to terms with issues that come your way and choosing to not resolve them isn’t the way to go. By ignoring the problem(s), you make it worse and the consequences may be severe. In this case, he lost his life and she lost her state of mind because they both couldn’t accept the past for what it was.
    Towards the end, in their last battle they wore white this time around instead of red like in the beginning. But it was Flying Snow who couldn’t accept both the past and present for what they were. Broken Sword, on the other hand, had already accepted what was happening and what was to come. He willingly let the woman he loved kill him. He stopped defending himself and let her pierce his body with her sword, falling to his knees at her will. He smiled as he was slowly bleeding out, running out of time. Why? To prove a point. Having the ability to move on and let go only happens when you accept the reality of the matter. He was tired of fighting against her and the denial she was in to make her come to that realization so he let her win. Only after his death did she see with her own eyes the truth and finally understood, killing herself with the same sword she killed him with. Thus showing this was the last stage for them, the acceptance of defeat and loss and finally letting go.
    This movie is very complex, there are multiple different meanings that lie within this film but personally, I feel that it comes down to acceptance. It’s a lesson that can be applied to our everyday life and various different situations that may arise. This is a film that I’ve already recommended to other people because of the amount of detail, time and effort that has gone into it. So I recommend it to you all as well, I’m curious as to what your reactions will be if and when you watch it.


  2. Very Unrealistic


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