Discovering Chinese Oral Performance L16 Sports 运动

Oral Performance for Lesson 16 Sport  运动

 your name 你的名字:                                                               .

Your language partner’s name 你朋友的名字:    

Create a dialogue asking each other what sports each likes and dislikes (Name at least three): What is each other’s favorite and least favorite. Ask your friend to teach you how to play his or her favorite sport. Then ask if your friend can play a particular sport not mentioned earlier.  At the end suggest a time to play a [particular sport] together. Perhaps one can suggest teaching the other one to play a particular sport.
Both language partners need to write out the entire dialogue in Chinese language.

You should try to work all the following questions into your dialogue!  Create a coherent conversation so you can easily memorize the entire dialogue.  If they flow logically, it would be easier for you to memorize your entire script.

Practice and try to memorize your script as much as possible.  Perform this in front of your instructor no later than the due date to avoid a late penalty.

A: What sports do you like [to do]? (Tell me at least 3 sports you like)

Translate: _______________________________________________
B: ————————————————————————————
                                                                                                                                                                   .                                                                                                   .                                                                   
2.          Which is your favorite sport? (Use 最 zui4:most)
   Two ways to ask:
A: ___________________________________________

B:           ____________________________________________
A: Do you play if often?
B: ______________________________
A: Can you teach me how to play [B’s favorite sport]

B: Of course [or “No problem!”]

Translate:  ____________________________
3. A: Can you [for example, play tennis—name a sport not mentioned in above conversation]?
 你会不会…?Or 你会…吗?
B:  _________________________________________________, how about you?
4.          A: What sport don’t you like (to do) (Share at least 2 sports you don’t like.)

Translate: _________________________________________________
5. A:     Which sport do you dislike the most? 

Translate: __________________________________
B: 我最不喜欢___________________。                                         
6.   A:  
Let’s go play [a certain sport] tomorrow/this Saturday/ this Sunday!

Translate: ________________________________________
B: Ok!  See you [tomorrow]!

Translate: _____________________________________
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