Listen to the Facebook founder speaking Chinese! (With English Translation)

I hope someday my students can speak even better Chinese than him! Look at how excited and happy Chinese get when they see Mr. Zhuckerberg speaking Chinese. He can do it and I think you can do it too. It is so cool to be able to speak Chinese. You will have the key to open up the treasure box of five thousand years of Chinese culture and heritage! Life will be so much enriched when you can speak another language. I can’t imagine my life without the ability to speak Chinese and English. Both languages have enriched my life that I can’t imagine living a life being a monolingual! I think I would be much impoverished if I were a monolingual. You are young. The limit is the sky! Make the most of  your youth and learn. Pick up a new language! Pick up a new instrument! Learn new skills and develop new hobbies!

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