IC1 L2D1 Looking at a Family Photo: Vocabulary and Dialogue

A Video: DailyNoodles_Learn to introduce your family家jiā in Mandarin Chinese

IC1 Lesson 2 Dialogue 1: Looking at a Family Photo


Click on the word to hear the sound and its stroke animation, and examples of word combinations and sentences

ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 that
2 de of; ~’s (possessive particle); (used after an attribute)
3 照片 zhào piàn photograph; picture; Classifiers:
4 zhè this; these; (commonly pr. before a classifier, esp. in Beijing)
5 爸爸 ba (informal) father; Classifiers:
6 妈妈 媽媽 ma mama; mommy; mother; Classifiers:
7 個, /ge (measure word for many common everyday objects)  ; classifier for people or objects in general; variant of
8 female
9 孩子 hái zi child
10 shéi who
11 she; her
12 姐姐 jiě jie older sister; Classifiers:
13 nán male
14 弟弟 di younger brother; Classifiers:
15 he; him
16 大哥 eldest brother
17 儿子 兒子 ér zi son
18 yǒu to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be
19 女儿 女兒 ér daughter
20 méi (negative prefix for verbs);  not
21 高文中 gāo wénzhōng  (a personal name)
22 gāo surname Gao; high; tall;


No. Chinese Pinyin Definition
1 nà/nèi that, that one, those, then, in that case
2 de (a possessive or descriptive particle)
3 zhào according to,in accordance with,to shine,to illumine,to reflect,photograph
4 piàn/piān card; slice,splinter,strip,piece
5 zhè this,these,such,here,the
6 father,dad,pa,papa
7 mother, mom, mommy
8 gè/gě individual,(measure word),this,that,piece,single
9 nán male
10 female,woman,feminine
11 hái child,baby,kid,children
12 zǐ/zi son,child,seed,egg,child,small thing,noun suffix(zi5)
13 shéi/shuí who,whom,whoever
14 him,he,other,another
15 she,her
16 elder brother
17 jiě elder sister,young lady
18 younger brother,junior male
19 mèi younger sister
20 dà/dài big,huge,large
21 ér son
22 yǒu to have,there is,there are,to be,to own, to possess
23 méi/mò not, have not,
24 gāo high,tall
25 zhōng/zhòng central,center,middle,in the midst of,during, China

Vocabulary  (two-character combinations)

No. Chinese Pinyin Definition
1 zhào piàn picture
2 bà bà father, dad
3 mā mā mother, mom
4 hái zǐ child
5 nǚ hái girl
6 nán hái boy
7 gē gē older brother
8 jiě jiě older sister
9 dì dì younger brother
10 mèi mèi younger sister
11 ér zǐ son
12 nǚ ér daughter
13 méi yǒu do not have
14 gāo wén zhōng Gao Wenzhong
15 xiōng dì jiě mèi siblings


A: 高文中,那是你的照片吗?








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