Class Assignment: Reflection paper on “To Live”

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

This post is for the Class Assignment for all my Chinese Classes who are currently taking my class (Spring, 2015), March 15, 2016: A Reaction paper on the movie we watched  in class.

1. Please google and learn about “Chinese Cultural Revolution” ; 2. please reflect how this movie sheds light on the impact of Chinese Cultural Revolution on People’s lives. (at least a half page long).

We have watched this film “To live” in our class. I would like all my students at BHSEC, Cleveland, who are currently taking my class (Spring 2016) to post and share  their reflection on the movie.

By clicking on the COMMENT, you can type  your reflection directly in the comment area. Please identify your name and Chinese class at the beginning.

Thank you!

Please post your reflection by 19, March, 2016

26 thoughts on “Class Assignment: Reflection paper on “To Live”

  1. Kevin from 7th period:

    In the movie “To Live” the main character Fugui is a rich man’s son and a gambler. Taking place before the Chinese Culture Revolution and afterwards. From the point of view of the chinese man Fugui and his family. Due to his gambling he is tricked into gambling away everything by a man named Long’er. Fugui loses his father due to stress and loses his wife along the way, she departed from him due to his gambling habits and stubborn self. Eventually he reunites with his family and gets to see his son for the first time and he has come back humble. He comes to live as the poor with his family but along the way he hears that Long’er didn’t want to share his wealth with the government and instead burns everything that he owns. He is then captured and executed and Fugui fearing for his life and family rush back to the house to look for the certificate saying that he served in the war and was not against the government. Throughout the story he loses both his son and daughter one dying by getting hit by a jeep and the other dying from giving birth to a baby boy. Learning to move on but to remember the past for the sake of the lost ones.


    1. Yes, you are right. Fugui has “learned to move on!” In this movie, the main character is Fugui. This movie depicts how this character has been transformed from a despicable gambler to an admirable character we can learn from. Yes. He has “learned to move on” (好好活着)in spite of difficulties and personal tragedies he has endured.


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