Common Clothing Items

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

Common Clothing Items

Common Clothing Items I use in class:
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 上衣 shàng jacket; upper outer garment; Classifiers:
2 毛衣 máo (wool) sweater; Classifiers:
3 夹克 夾克 jiā jacket (loanword); also pr.
4 外套 wàitào coat; jacket; Classifiers:
5 帽子 màozi hat; cap; (fig.) label; bad name; Classifiers:
6 衬衫 襯衫 chènshān shirt; blouse; Classifiers:
7 裤子 褲子 zi trousers; pants; Classifiers:
8 牛仔裤 牛仔褲 niúzǎi jeans; Classifiers:
9 短裤 短褲 duǎn short pants; shorts
10 连衣裙 連衣裙 liánqún woman’s dress; frock; gown
11 裙子 qúnzi skirt; Classifiers:
12 duǎn short; brief; to lack; weak point; fault
13 帬裠 qún old variant of ; skirt; Classifiers: ; old variant of
14 洋装 洋裝 yángzhuāng Western-style dress
15 旗袍 páo Chinese-style dress; cheongsam
16 燕尾服 yànwěi swallow-tailed coat; tails
17 西装 西裝 zhuāng suit; Western-style clothes; Classifiers:
18 领带 領帶 lǐngdài necktie; Classifiers:
19 领结 領結 lǐngjié bow tie; loop of a necktie; lavaliere
20 泳衣 yǒng swimsuit; bathing suit
21 比基尼 bikini (loanword)
22 泳裤 泳褲 yǒng swim trunks
23 睡衣 shuì night clothes; pajamas
24 内衣 內衣 nèi undergarment; underwear; Classifiers:
25 袜子 襪子 zi socks; stockings; Classifiers:
26 短袜 短襪 duǎn sock
27 长袜 長襪 cháng hose; stocking
Download the above Vocabulary List: Clothing Items Vocabulary List




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