Chinese Songs about direction and location words 方向歌

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih

These following two songs can be used to master these directional words–前/后/左/右/东/西/南/北 and location words–前边/后边/左边/右边。 Every time you are tired, get up and say out loud while acting out these songs. Try out different movements with these two songs; you can try kick boxing, clapping, or punching, Tai chi movement, etc. My students are having fun with these songs. You will get a good work out while learning Chinese directional words–A great way to master these directional words!








前前后后 (双手前后拍掌)

左左右右 (双手左右拍掌)


咕隆咕隆南 (指南)

咕隆咕隆西  (指西)

咕隆咕隆北 (指北)

(With Pinyin)

shēn  yùn dòng 
热身 运动 

qián  qián hòu  hòu  前  前后 后

zuǒ  zuǒ yòu  yòu 左 左右 右

qián bian  qián bian 前边 前边

hòu bian  hòu bian 后边 后边

hái yǒu  zhōng jiān    páng  bian 还有 中间 和旁边


四方 歌

qián  qián hòu  hòu   (shuāng shǒu  qián hòu  pāi  zhǎng)

前 前后 后 ( 双手 前后 拍 掌 )

zuǒ  zuǒ yòu  yòu   (shuāng shǒu  zuǒ yòu  pāi  zhǎng )
左 左右 右 ( 双手 左右 拍 掌 )

  lóng lóng  dōng  ( zhǐ  dōng  )
咕 隆咕隆 东 ( 指 东 )

  lóng lóng  nán   (zhǐ nán)
咕 隆咕隆 南 ( 指南 )

  lóng lóng     (zhǐ  )
咕 隆咕隆 西 ( 指 西 )

  lóng lóng  běi   (zhǐ  běi)
咕 隆咕隆 北 ( 指 北 )

ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 热身 熱身 shēn to warm up (sports); (fig.) to prepare; to get in condition
2 运动 運動 yùndòng to move; to exercise; sports; exercise; motion; movement; campaign; Classifiers:
3 qián front; forward; ahead
4 前后 前後 qián hòu around; from beginning to end; all around; front and rear
5 hòu surname Hou; empress; queen; back; behind; rear; afterwards; after; later
6 zuǒ left; the Left (politics)
7 左右 zuǒ yòu left and right; nearby; approximately;
8 yòu right (-hand); the Right (politics)
9 前边 前邊 qiánbian front; the front side; in front of
10 后边 後邊 hòu bian back; rear; behind
11 还有 還有 hái yǒu furthermore; in addition; still; also
12 中间 中間 zhōngjiān between; intermediate; mid; middle
13 and
14 旁边 旁邊 pángbiān lateral; side; to the side; beside
15 四方 fāng four-way; four-sided; in all directions; everywhere
16 song;
17 双手 雙手 shuāngshǒu both hands
18 pāi to pat; to clap
19 zhǎng palm of the hand
20 (onom.) for the sound of a bird, an empty stomach etc
21 lōng sound of drums
22 dōng east
23 zhǐ finger; to point at
24 nán surname Nan; south
25 指南 zhǐ nán to guide; guidebook
26 西 the West; abbr. for Spain 西班牙 ; Spanish; west
28 běi north

Downloadable Worksheets for Chinese Directional Songs:


等等,等等 děngdeng,děngdeng Wait, Wait. 看左,看右 kàn zuǒ,kàn yòu Look left, Look Right. 看左,看右 kàn zuǒ,kàn yòu Look left, Look right. 通过,通过! tōngguò,tōngguò! Pass, Pass! 我们到了。 wǒmen dào le。 We’re here. 我们到了。 wǒmen dào le。 We’re here.

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