IC1 L17 D2 Calling about an Apartment for Rent: Vocabulary and Dialogue

By Ling-Ling Lisa Shih
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IC1  Lesson 17 Dialogue 2: Calling about an Apartment for Rent


一房一厅 干净 沙发 饭桌 椅子 书桌 书架 那里 安静 房租 元 美元 人民币 人民 币 差不多 费 押金 当 还 另外 准 养 宠物

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ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1 一房一厅  一房一廳  fáng tīng one bedroom and one living room
2 干净  乾淨 gān jìng clean; neat
3 沙发  沙發 shā  sofa (loanword) 一套沙发 (one set of sofa)
4 饭桌  飯桌 fànzhuō dining table
5 椅子   zi chair; Classifiers: 
6 书桌  書桌 shūzhuō desk; Classifiers: 
7 书架  書架 shū jià bookshelf; Classifiers: 
8 那里  那裏, 那裡  li there; that place; also written 那里 ; there; that place
9 安静  安靜 ān jìng quiet; peaceful; calm
10 房租  fáng  rent for a room or house
11   yuán surname Yuan; the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368); currency unit (esp. Chinese yuan); first; original;
12 美元  měiyuán American dollar; US dollar
13 人民币  人民幣 rén mín Renminbi (RMB); Chinese Yuan (CNY)
14 人民  rén mín the people; Classifiers: 
15   money; coins; currency; silk
16 差不多  chà buduō almost; nearly; more or less; about the same
17   fèi surname Fei; to cost; to spend; fee; wasteful; expenses
18 押金   jīn deposit; down payment
19   噹, 當 dāng (onom.) dong; ding dong (bell); to be; to act as
20   Two different pronunciations:

  1. hái

2. huan2

hái: still; yet; even more; in addition; also; else

huan2: to return; repay

(还书: return books;

还钱 pay back money)


21 另外  lìng wài additional; in addition; besides
22   zhǔn to allow
23   yǎng to raise (animals); to bring up (children); to keep (pets)
24 宠物  寵物 chǒng house pet

Chinese Characters

ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
ID Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
1   fáng surname Fang; house; room; Classifiers:  ;
2   tīng (reception) hall; living room
3   gān dry
4   jìng clean
5   shā surname Sha; sand;  Classifiers: 
6   to send out; to show (one’s feeling); to issue
7   fàn food; cuisine; cooked rice; meal; Classifiers: 
8   zhuō table; desk; classifier for tables of guests at a banquet etc
9   chair
10   son; child; seed; egg; small thing
11   shū book; Classifiers: 
12   jià to support; frame; rack; framework; classifier for planes, large vehicles, radios etc
13   that; those;
14   lining; interior; inside;
15   Ān calm; still; quiet; safe; secure; peace; pacify;
16   jìng still; calm; quiet; not moving
17   to hire; to rent; to charter; to rent out; to lease out; rent; land tax
18   měi the Americas; America; abbr. for 美洲 ; beautiful; good; to beautify; to be pleased with oneself
19   yuán currency unit (esp. Chinese yuan);
20   rén man; people; Classifiers: 
21   mín surname Min; the people; nationality; citizen
22   money; coins; currency
23   chà to differ from; to fall short of; lacking; wrong; inferior
24   duō many; much; often; a lot of
25   fèi surname Fei; to cost; to spend; fee; expense
26   to mortgage; to pawn; to detain in custody; to escort and protect; (literary) to sign
27   jīn surname Jin; surname Kim (Korean); Jurchen gold
28    當 dāng  to be; to act as
29   [Two different pronunciations:]

  1. hái

2. huan2

  1. hái

still; still  yet; even more; in addition; fairly; also; else

2. huan2: to return; pay back

30   lìng other; another; separate; separately
31   wài outside; in addition; foreign; external
32   zhǔn to allow
33   yǎng to raise (animals); to bring up (children); to keep (pets); to support; to give birth
34   chǒng to love; to pamper; to spoil; to favor
35   thing; object; matter; abbr. for physics 物理

IC L17D2 Calling about an Apartment for Rent

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A: 喂,请问你们是不是有公寓出租?

B: 有啊,一房一厅,非常干净,还带家具。

A: 有什么家具?

B: 客厅里有一套沙发,一张饭桌跟四把椅子。卧室里有一张床,一张书桌和一个书架。

A: 你们那里安静不安静?

B: 非常安静。

A: 每个月房租多少钱?

B: 八百五十元。

A: 八百五十美元?人民币差不多是。。。有一点儿贵,能不能便宜点儿?

B: 那你不用付水电费。

A: 要不要付押金?

B: 要多付一个月的房租当押金,搬出去的时候还给你。另外,我们公寓不准养宠物。

A: 没关系,我对养宠物没有兴趣,什么宠物都不养。

B: 那太好了。你今天下午来看看吧。


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