Exercise and Learn Chinese 做运动学中文

Exercise is important to happiness and health, yet it can be a challenge to fit a good workout into your schedule, so why not double up? Learning while exercising may not only save time, but it’s great for the mind and body. If you are also interested in health and fitness like me, you may want to check out these Chinese exercising videos. Just type key words, such as “运动”(exercise),  in the search box of any of the following websites to look for more Chinese exercise videos:

Even if you can’t understand most of what they say, you will still be able to recognize some of the words you have learned so far and follow along with the video. You will pick up new words, phrases, and sentences along the way, and this gradually improves your Chinese comprehension as well as speaking ability and pronunciation. There is nothing to lose except for some weight, but much to gain in your foreign language skills! 

2 thoughts on “Exercise and Learn Chinese 做运动学中文

  1. Thank you very much for your amazing materials. I feel very grateful for everything you do and sharing your ideas of teaching Chinese. It has made my teaching life much easier since I have so limited time for preparation, with two little boys at home. Just wanna express my sincere gratitude to you. Many thanks

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    1. Thank you so much for your gracious words. I really appreciate it! You have made my work worthwhile. I am so glad to hear that you find my website helpful to your teaching.


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