Chinese News for Language Learners

News Sources for Language Learners:

Read this article first: Read News, Learn Chinese 看新闻学中文

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VOA’s Free App for Mobile and Tablet Devices


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(This one is good also for language learners who want to learn English through news: 英文广播 Broadcast in English:VOA /VOA慢速 (at a slower spead)_ /VOA常速 (at a normal speed) /VOA视频 (Videos)  /BBC /CNN /CRINPR /CNN Student News as it is VOA词汇 经济学人)

Read and Listen to News in Chinese:

voa news

Designed for Chinese language learners.

When you go to the RTI News’ main page, click on the following for the news:

RTI  新聞即時聽(新闻即时听)Instant News

  • 晨間新聞(晨间新闻)Morning News
  • 午間新聞(午间新闻)Noon News
  • 晚間新聞(晚间新闻)Evening News

Beside news, RTI also includes a wide variety of programs.  If you are interested, here are some other programs you can listen to improve your Chinese listening comprehension:

On this page, you can find:

There are both Simplified and Traditional Versions:  

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Listen to Chinese Radio: Capital 95.8 FM 资讯第一台:  城市频道:

It covers news, music, and other programs.

Watch TV News in Chinese

voa shipin

Chinese texts, but broadcasts may delivered in English, Cantonese, Chinese)

News Reported in English

 News in Chinese language:

News on China (in English Language)

More Resources on Chinese News: On-line Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers

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Best Chinese Radio to listen to: Radio Taiwan International 中央广播电台


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