Class Activity: Unscramble and Create a Narrative

Here is a class activity you could try with your students.

First, take a look at this concrete example. It will make more sense to you what I write below. It will also give you a good idea what this activity is about by taking a quick glance at a students’ work sample.

IC L5d2 class Activity Unscramble the Sentences into a Coherent Narrative


You can use this example to construct an activity to help your students master the materials you are teaching them.

Here are the steps for the instructor:

  1. Create a narrative using the words and sentences your students have learned in a lesson.
  2. Randomize the sentences you have written and use this template: Class Activity– Unscramble and Create a Coherent Narrative_Template to place them in the boxes.
  3. Then unscramble each sentence. For instance, 我在学校工作。–〉在  学校  工作    我  。

Instruction for Students (indicated in the worksheet):

1) Unscramble each sentence by writing each sentence into a grammatically correct sentence in each box.

2) Then cut these sentences up and rearrange them into a coherent narrative.  Glue these correctly arranged sentences onto a white sheet of paper. Submit the finished product at the end of the class to receive credit for your work.  All members need to complete this work.

3) Make sure each member in your group knows how to unscramble each sentence and how to read the narrative.

4) Once you know your group members all understand and can read the narrative, go to the teacher. Your teacher will randomly select one member in your group to read out loud the narrative.

5) Feel free to raise your hands and get help from the instructor, if you have any questions.

You may consider giving the first group who can complete the task with a small reward.

This task may take a class time (50 min.) but the time may vary due to students’ level of readiness (how well they have prepared and mastered the vocabulary and grammar in the lesson) and the length/complexity of your text. Some students may not be able to finish the task, but they can take it home and finish it at home. Prepare an extra activity just in case students finish earlier.

Template for This Worksheet:

Class Activity– Unscramble and Create a Coherent Narrative_Template

More samples of students’ works:


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