Chinese Pinyin Assignment 汉语拼音作业

  • Create two small Chinese posters of the two Pinyin songs: “Initial Song” and “Initials & Finals Song”, and create a short video of you singing or reading these two pinyin songs (both Initial song and Initials & Finals Song). Or present this in person in class.
  • On the poster, write the title of each song: The Initial song is called “Shēngmǔ gē 声母歌”–> (Write the title on top of this poster)
常用语音教学法. - ppt download
Initials Song Shēngmǔ yùnmǔ gē 声母歌
  • On the other poster, write the title of the second song: Shēngmǔ yùnmǔ gē 声母韵母歌: In English, it means “Initials and Finals Song” Please also put English under the Chinese title on this song as well.
小山風學習天地: 聲母韻母歌聲母歌韻母歌(普通話)
Shēngmǔ yùnmǔ gē 声母韵母歌 (Initials & Finals Song)
  • The last line of the initials & Finals song is: Wǒmen    lái    chàng    shēngmǔ yùnmǔ gē.

Please write this line in the simplified Chinese.

我们     来       唱       声母      韵母   歌
We   Come  to sing     Initials  &    Finals   song.

IDChineseTrad.PinyinEnglish Definition
1我们我們 menwe 
2láito come 
3chàngto sing 
4声母聲母shēng consonant; the initial consonant (of a Chinese syllable) 
5韵母韻母yùn final of a Chinese syllable  
IDChineseTrad.PinyinEnglish Definition

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